Thursday, June 20, 2024

We Are Pushing Hard For Economic Stabilisation, Investments, Job Creation & Prosperity – Musokotwane


Finance and National Planning Minister Dr SITUMBEKO MUSOKOTWANE MP has told visiting African Development Bank Executive Director GERALD BUSSIER that the Zambian economy is on the verge of sustained growth and emancipation due to the enabling policies that the Government has put in place to ensure macro-economic stability, quality investment inflows, job creation for the masses, and national prosperity.

He expressed confidence of a very bright future for the country – anchored not only on investment in education and other social sector programmes, but also on citizen empowerment programmes such the Constituency Development Fund, Agriculture Development Initiatives, Women and Youth Development Initiatives, and SME development and sustainability initiatives under various public institutions.

“We are also pushing hard for increased productivity in agriculture and mining ventures,” the Minister said, adding that, the Government is keen to ensure “corporate agriculture” through the farm blocks is functional, and drives the supply of raw materials for the agro-value chain.

“Similarly, we need to push mining production because of the beneficial downstream positive effects on local communities and supporting industries, which is why we have rationalized our tax regime to make our mining industry, regionally competitive,” stated Dr MUSOKOTWANE.

The Minister was speaking at his office in Lusaka when Mr. BUSSIER paid a courtesy call on him, this morning.

Meanwhile, Mr. BUSSIER has reiterated AfDB’s commitment to Zambia’s development agenda through enhanced implementation of AfDB supported development programmes in the country.


  1. That is the best of this minister, in almost in all his engagements, job creation always comes out in his chats. It appears to me that he is one of those, perhaps the only one who understands the magnitude of this issue. I commend him and I think just talking about is the beginning to finding solutions

  2. Old fossil doesn’t even know what day it is. Let this great grandfather rest before he drops dead on national duty and cost us millions

  3. Unfortunately , Zambia is headed for serious financial and economic challenge. Musokotwane is still dreaming. There are a lot of factor he is failing to tell us. PF borrowed for infra structure(Schools, Clinics, roads and air ports) .It has been there for everyone to see. There more to come but Musokotwane has stopped all those projects. He does not even have money to even maintain the infrastructure done by PF.
    Musokotwane has beefed up the civil service wage bill through recruitments(, teachers, nurses and doctors etc). But we all know that he has no money to sustain the huge wage bill he has created. Unions are already making noise about the rising cost of living and will be asking for better wages. He has no money to give civil servants a decent wage bill.
    The Chinese…

    • These PF Jokers, They still have energy to type after a disastrous ten years in office. CK described them as the most corrupt party

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