Saturday, June 22, 2024

Anthrax breaks out in Kazungula


An outbreak of anthrax among wildlife has been reported in Kazungula district in Southern Province.

District Veterinary Officer, Cliff Kakandelwa disclosed that the anthrax outbreak has been reported in Sikaunzwe veterinary camp among the buffalos.

Dr Kakandelwa further stated that suspicious cattle death have also been reported in Kasaya area in the district.

He warned that anthrax is a deadly bacteria disease that can be transmitted from animals to people adding that it mainly affects domestic and wild herbivores and is characterized by sudden death and bleeding from natural openings.

“In order to control further spread of the disease and avert a public health catastrophe, measures have since been put in place until the outbreak is contained,” Dr Kakandelwa said.

Dr Kakandelwa mentioned that no livestock product or animal by-product will be allowed to move out of Sikaunzwe veterinary camp and that all livestock product or animal by-product transiting through the infected area should be under veterinary escort.

He added that carcasses of dead animals in the area should not be opened or consumed but buried with lime.

“Where there are sudden deaths of animals or suspicious signs, the owner of the animal should immediately report to the area veterinary assistant, district veterinary office or village headman,” Dr Kakandelwa said.

He explained that further, active surveillance of the disease among cattle, mass sensitization of farmers and livestock vaccination options have been will be carried out.

Dr Kakandelwa has appealed to farmers, traders, transporters and the general public to cooperate with veterinary officials in controlling and preventing further spread of the disease by complying with animal movement restrictions, surveillance and biosecurity measures.

He warned that if measures are violated, offenders will be prosecuted and the animals will be destroyed pursuant to the Animal Health Act No 27 of 2010 of the laws of Zambia.


  1. We need strict measures in place as I see Kaponyas from southern province including Livingstone and Lusaka going to smoke this infected carcasses for sale to the people in the community and would try to use illegal paths to urban areas and sell this “delicacy”
    to the community. Just as Anthranx can spread from Animal to human Ican see it spreading to urban areas too if no strict measures in force . There fore the department of wildlife need to stretch up and put up effective road blocks, close all suspected loop holes, monitor foot paths, especially those that villagers frequently use and possibly ready to even ambush and arrest who would be suspects, as the Kaponyas are very crafty and would definitely take advantage of the poor economic phase the country is going through to…

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