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Delays in distributing farming inputs worry farmers


Farmers in Kabwe have complained over the delayed distribution of farming inputs saying it is creating a lot of uncertainty following the onset of rains.

Jackson Sipanje 68 and Lyson Nkhoma 60, both of Kang’omba Ward in Kabwe say while they are happy with the changes that the government has put in place in ensuring that only vulnerable but viable farmers benefit from the Farmers Input Support Programme (FISP), delaying the inputs is worrying them.

The duo said government should accelerate the distribution of the inputs because the continued delays are posing panic amongst the farmers.

“We are extremely worried because while we are receiving the daily weather updates from the Meteorological department, we are not sure what we will do if God decides to pour the rains today because we neither have fertilizer nor seed,” they stated.

The farmers added that the government should also consider allowing the farmers to use the old system of depositing their money to access the inputs, especially now that there is a delay as implementing the new system may delay them further.

But Kabwe District Agricultural Coordinator, Etambuyu Anamela has appealed to the farmers not to worry saying the inputs are in but that she will give a clear statement regarding the quantities received so far.

Meanwhile, Farmers in Mongu District in Western Province have been cautioned not to buy maize seed and other types of seed for the 2022/2023 farming season from non-registered agro-dealers.

Mongu District Agriculture Coordinator, Christabel Kakumbi cautioned the farmers following reports of seed that has flooded the market in the district whose source is unknown.

Disclosing in an interview in Mongu, Ms Kakumbi says buying seed from unregistered agro-dealers was risky in terms of knowing its expiring dates as well as its maturing period as the dealers did not have technical support to the seed.

Ms Kakumbi says it was prudent to buy seed from registered agro-dealers as they were acquainted to advise farmers on whether to buy early, middle or late maturing seed varieties.

She appealed to the farmers not to disadvantage themselves but buy the seed from registered agro-dealers.

And Some beneficiaries of the food security pack in Nalolo district in Western Province are allegedly reselling farming inputs which they got from the government.

Nalolo District Commissioner, Namatama Mupo, revealed that 34 bags of urea and D-compound fertiliser have so far been recovered from the black market.

Ms Mupo said in an interview in Nalolo that relevant authorities launched an investigation after a tipoff from concerned members of the public.

She said it is unfortunate that vulnerable people are the ones frustrating the government’s efforts by selling fertiliser which is supposed to improve their livelihood.

The Nalolo District Commissioner said the police, in collaboration with the departments of agriculture and of community development, are currently investigating the case to find the people behind the act.

Ms Mupo warned that the culprits will be removed from the food security park beneficiaries’ list once they are caught.


  1. The same problem, year in – year out !!!
    What is the issue kanshi mwebantu? When will it be that all farming inputs are distributed on time? 58 Years after Zambia was born, you are not able to solve the logisticis challenge? Unbelivable !!!!
    Surprisingly, even UPND, have failed to resolve it…..same stories every year. Sickening.

  2. Actually it’s too late. My assumption is that these guys have seen piles and piles of maize from past harvests and have decided to save money by not distributing FISP packs. What else would be the reason for delaying this long?

  3. Consequences of over depending on government. The result of pushing a wrong culture of spoon feeding for years and years. And why these peasants not graduating. This can not continue,

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