Friday, June 21, 2024

The Continued over-detention of Suspects by Police without trial is Concerning- Human Rights Commission


The Human Rights Commission is concerned with the continued over-detention of suspects in police cells without trial despite President Hakainde Hichilema’s directive for arrests to be done after thorough investigations.

The Commission’s Head of Human Rights and Planning, Foster Hamuyube said the commission is in receipt of complaints about suspects being detained for as long as one month while waiting for court trial.

He has stated that this is not only against the President’s directive but is also a violation of human rights.

Mr Hamuyube was speaking when a delegation led by Human Rights Commissioner, Christine Chama called on Southern Province deputy Permanent Secretary Yolanta Malunga in Choma during its familiarisation tour to the province.

Meanwhile, the Commission has commended the government for its various social protection initiatives aimed at improving the welfare of the vulnerable in society.

And Human Rights Commissioner, Christine Chama, noted that the increase in the number of beneficiaries and the payment value under the Social Cash Transfer Program is timely. She added that this is because the move will help address various economic shocks that the vulnerable beneficiaries face.

Ms Chama disclosed the Commission intends to open a regional office in Choma, adding that this will enhance its collaboration with other institutions engaged in promotion of human rights as well as service delivery.

She further appealed to the provincial administration to provide office space for the Commission in order to help expedite its movement to the provincial capital.

And Southern Deputy Province Permanent Secretary, Yolanta Malunga said there is need for institutions to be sensitised on human rights in order to reduce cases of violations such as over detention.

She also assured that her office will facilitate the allocation of office space for the commission.


  1. Police officers are appointed to serve at the President’s pleasure. If he is not happy, why can’t he fire them? Bring back Dr Solomon Jere.

  2. Just wondering why quote the President, it does not have to take the Presidents directives. The law has to take precedence. Do not detain people longer than the law prescribes. Period

    • Here is where they let out the truth they are trying to hide. The president commands the Police even if he wants to pretend Police is independent.
      “…President Hakainde Hichilema’s directive for arrests to be done after thorough investigations.” Why should he direct an independent Police force?

  3. Very strange statement from this human rights. It should not take the President to give directives. The correct way to put it is to say the law does allow lengthy detentions in violation of the prescribed time that one has to be charged. This issue is not at the pleasure of the President. Whether the President gives directives or not, don’t detain people longer than what the law stipulates.

  4. For sure, it should not even come from the President to say do your thorough investigations before arresting, the law is already very clear on this

  5. It has to be the law, and not Presidential directive which should be the authority here. Dont detain people longer than what the law prescribes

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