UPND Religious Affairs Committee to Appoint Community Social Chaplains


The United Party for National Development – UPND Religious Affairs Committee has rebranded to Religious Affairs and Chaplaincy Services Specificalised Committee – RACS, and as part of their rebranding agenda the Committee will appoint, and train 100 Community Social Chaplains selected from all the 116 districts across the country.

The Community Social Chaplains will be trained and equipped with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for them to offer spiritual guidance and advise to the Party members and the community.

Speaking during the official launch of the Religious Affairs and Chaplaincy Services Specificalised Committee – RACS, Acting Chairperson Rev. William Njombo stated that the Community Social Chaplains will be responsible for preaching peace, love and unity in the Party and the community, noting that they will also be responsible for providing business development services to the Party members and the community.

Rev Njombo said that the Community Social Chaplains will also provide member care services for Party members, while extending the same services to others in the community, adding that these services will therefore include reaching out to and encouraging members in distress, visiting the sick at home or in hospital and providing nutritional needs, health care, counselling and spiritual support.

He mentioned that the Community Social Chaplains will also be visiting and supporting vulnerable people such as the aged, widows and the orphans, they will also provide food and transport to those with bereavements.

“Our Committee has targeted to train 100 Chaplains in all the 150 Constituencies, 1,500 plus Wards, and this will be done in three (3) phases, in a space of two (2) years,” he said

Rev. Njombo explained that the purpose of the rebrand is in order to take up additional roles and responsibilities in the Party and the nation, as they feel that the needs of their Party members and nation have revolved with time thus the Committee cannot work in the exact same way as they did during the time they were in the opposition as the dynamics in the Party and country are now different and they therefore need to ensure that their existence answer to the needs of the Party members and the community at large.

“We are now the ruling Party thus carrying a higher responsibility of uniting the nation, and providing the much needed spiritual and moral guidance for the bible says to who much is given, much is required Luke 12:46,” he said

He noted that the Committee feels duty bound to intensify prayer and offer undiluted words of counsel to all the leaders including Ministers so that they can lead the country in the right direction for the good of the people of Zambia.

Rev. Njombo has since called on all UPND members to come together and reunite, as they are one big family with a responsibility to take are of one another.

“It is not a good thing for us to start calling each other names, to castigate each other because our belief as a Committee is that the status quo of the recent happenings of name calling and castigating each other amongst ourselves as UPND members will not lead us anywhere, we suffered for this Party and sacrificed alot to build the UPND to turn into what it is today thus we cannot turn around to begin to destroy it ourselves,” he explained

He disclosed that President Hakainde Hichilema was very instrumental at the time of the formation of this Committee, as he has always been very supportive throughout the years of the existence of the Committee, because of his strong conviction that God reigns supreme over all human affairs and without God there is nothing that human beings can do.

Rev. Njombo said that the UPND and President Hichilema believes that the church plays a pivotal role in the preservation of morality and uprightness in society, peace building, fostering unity and love which are critical ingredients to national development.

He cited that the UPND Government has demonstrated that faith in God is not just a matter of lip service but of action for the common good of the entire nation, the government has done this through the restoration of peace and order in the nation by putting a stop to political thuggery and criminality which had reached alarming levels during the previous regime.

“The UPND Government has brought about the restoration of the rule of law that has seen Law Enforcement Agencies applying the law with impartiality, bringing to an end the ‘tatameni’ syndrome of dishing out handouts, which has been replaced with job creation and business opportunities for all Zambians, and the heightening of the fight against corruption, money laundering and other related crimes, maintained the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation, and upheld the day of National Prayer, Fasting and Reconciliation, and maintained the work and service of the Ministry of Religious Affairs which is now a Directorate in the Office of the Vice President,” Rev. Njombo mentioned


  1. What a waste of money and time. You want to confuse people with religious indoctrination so that they will accept their suffering without question.
    I have my own church so keep your politically motivated nonsense to your gullibles.

  2. No. No. No. You are trying to sneak that Ministry of Religion from PF through the backdoor. What is wrong with UPND kanti? Can we not innovate new approaches to governance without sliding back to what people voted out? Muzankala one-term a mambala. Be careful.

  3. The UPND is a lost party that’s having difficulties being relevant. I have never heard of such a structure in the UPND, is it a new innovation? At a time when we expect him to abolish the national day of prayer then he comes up with this? What’s wrong with this man?

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