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Kaputa resident jailed for impersonating Chief


The Kaputa Magistrate Court has sentenced a 64 year old man of Mukupa Katandula chiefdom in Kaputa district to 18 months imprisonment with hard labour for impersonating Chief Mukupa Katandula.

Edwell Kalumba who resides at Kasepa village was found guilty of the charge, which is contrary to article 378 subsection one of the penal code and convicted for impersonating Friday Kabungo Njalamimba who is the recognised chief.

Particulars of the matter are that between 22nd December, 2020 and 6th July 2022, Edwell Kalumba impersonated the legitimate Chief Mukupa Katandula and presided over customary matters in the said chiefdom.

And Dickens Mukobe who was the arresting officer, told the court that a combined team of officers from the Zambia Police and the Zambia National Service (ZNS) apprehended the convict at the alleged palace at Kasepa village in Mukupa Katandula chiefdom.

Mukobe told the court that during the arrest, the Law enforcement agencies also recovered a Zambian flag which was flying outside the alleged palace, date stamp and a village register which were being used by the convict.

“During the arrest, we found a silver date stamp with the prints for Chief Mukupa Katandula” Mukobe said.

When the convict was called upon to cross examine the Mukobe who was a state witness, Kalumba opted to remain silent.

“I will not say anything as instructed by senior chief Nsama who appointed me as Chief Mukupa Katandula” Kalumba said.

And another state witness, Jacob Lukwesa and current sub-chief in the same chiefdom told the court that he has once been beaten by the convict for attempting to collect royalties in the chiefdom.

He narrated how he has been living in fear because the Kalumba had appointed another sub-chief in the same area Lukwesa governs.

And when reading his judgement, Resident Magistrate Samson Mumba, said the action by the convicted person of appointing sub-chiefs and headmen has the potential to cause civil unrest in the community.

Magistrate Mumba added that the mounting of the Zambian flag, use of a date stamp engraved with Mukupa Katandula’s insignia had no legal backing.

He further said, the fact that the convict went further to collect royalties and beat up whoever was sent from the legitimate chief shows that he had intent to defraud.


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