Monday, June 17, 2024

Masebo issues directive to all Public Health facilities not to host any private pharmacy or laboratory


The government has given a notice for the termination of contracts for private laboratories operating within the University Teaching Hospital-UTH premises, citing the need to restore the main hospital laboratory to its full functionality.

Health Minister Silvia Masebo has said that the government is aware of reports from the members of the public indicating that some health personnel are referring patients to specific private laboratories within the hospital premises, a situation which has left the operation of the main hospital laboratory compromised.

Ms Masebo told the local radio station Phoenix that this has contributed to the hospital’s main laboratory not functioning fully because some health workers refer some patients to seek services from private laboratories or pharmacies due to their personal interests, even in instances where some drugs are available.

Ms Masebo said that the government has given instructions to all public health facilities that going forward, no private laboratory or pharmacy will be allowed to operate within these premises in order to bring sanity to hospitals while restoring efficient operations of the hospital laboratories.


  1. What the… what difference will this make. They will just relocate to a neighborhood nearby and continue ma referral na imwe a Masebo.

  2. @Kalok: And because they will just continue so Government should be scared of them and not improve its services? Are you crazy ? There in a foreign land where you are you cant find a single private clinic or phamarcy on Government premises,but becos we are Zambia we shd be naive? You yourself cant even access government hospitals there because you are either an illegal immigrant or a filthy black monkey. So some of the things learn to keep quiet pls!

    • Take your madness far away to your parents. We in pf don’t have time for corrupt crooks like you

  3. And then you find them spiralling down nationalist road where every other shop on that road is a chemist.

    When you create a shortage, you create opportunity for others to thrive.

    Take away the shortage, and your services will thrive.

    Its called business.

  4. Good move ba minister. let us kill some of these businesses with selfish motives of making abnomal profits by charging exorbitant prices for medicine to mostly poor people while they buy the same medicines they resale cheaply from crooked hospital staff.

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