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Professor Mwitwa urges female pupils to explore natural sciences


Kapasa Makasa University Chancellor Jacob Mwitwa has encouraged secondary school pupils to explore tertiary opportunities that are being offered by the local university in natural sciences.

And Professor Mwitwa says transformation of Muchinga Province and Chinsali district in particular requires people to accept the working environment and its inadequate social amenities.

Professor Mwitwa says not all graduates can be managers saying some can be team builders while others can be conventional and persuaders.

He was speaking at Chinsali Girls Secondary School grounds at the weekend when he gave counsel to outgoing Grade 12 pupils on how best they can contribute to the economic growth of the province.

Professor Mwitwa said government has created enabling environment for entrepreneurship and challenged pupils not to be artificial but to critically focus on enterprising to grow the economy.

He said development starts from nowhere but with concerted efforts of technocrats, and with career path which is well identified, will contribute to the vision of making a place better than they found it.

Professor Mwitwa is hopeful that the academic knowledge that pupils have acquired will help to build on the career path so that they can discover who they are and what they are capable of doing.

He further encouraged pupils to apply and enroll in natural science courses that are being offered at Kapasa Makasa University.

And school Head Teacher Grace Kapeso appealed to the pupils to be creative and innovative as they leave Chinsali Girls.

Ms. Kapeso said getting married before attaining any tertiary education is what has contributed to poverty among young ladies in the province.

She has since called on parents to support the dreams of their children rather than forcing them into marriage at the expense of their intelligence.

About 500 grade 12 pupils from Chinsali Girls Secondary School are sitting for their Grade 12 examinations which starts today countrywide.

Professor Mwitwa said some officers who think working in Muchinga province is a punishment are not fair to themselves adding that the appointing authority treasure their professional qualifications and capabilities which are matched to close the development gaps lacking in some sectors.

He explained that when choosing a career path, one needs to think and identify their potential adding that real professionals love to work in areas that have potential emerging market economies which calls for creativity.

“Muchinga has a lot of career opportunities if properly harnessed will help the upcoming graduates to become entrepreneurs,” he said.

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