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Local herbalist appeals for funding towards his HIV cure medicine

Health Local herbalist appeals for funding towards his HIV cure medicine

A Ndola-based herbalist has appealed to the government to fund his herbal medicine trials on people living with HIV so that his project is utilised in the country.

Mr Howard Maila is a herbalist whose medicines include immune boosters, cancer medicines, HIV/AIDS medicines and other various forms of medication.

Mr Maila has also appealed to be given more time to undertake clinical trials for HIV/AIDS medicines saying the trials that were done only took three months.

He explained that the initial clinical trials were done in 2005 for only three months and that what is remaining is to do clinical trials on larger samples.

Mr Maila who is also a teacher by profession said three months is not enough time to undertake clinical trials as the patients need to be on clinical trials for about six months.

He however explained that the clinical trials that were done for three months were done with the objective of proving his Mailacine formula efficacy and its toxicity.

The herbalist said the findings indicated that the CD4 court for HIV patients went up and the viral load was reduced.

He said the period in which the study was undertaken was too short and that there is a need for more time to undertake the clinical trials again so that the Mailacine formula does not become white elephant medicine.

Mr Maila said he wants to collaborate with the government in order for his project to be researched and worked on through the Tropical Diseases Research Centre (TDRC).


  1. There’s no alternative to science. Anything whose chemical composition and efficacy cannot be calculated with mathematical precision is quackery.

    • The tragedy is that there are many Africans who think like you. Brainwashed to hate themselves and to believe only in the European.
      The problem is you think Science is confined to the education curriculum that is taught in Western styled schools. There are many African practices which are SCIENTIFIC.
      Its mental enslavement to think everything African is quackery

  2. It’s very unfortunate that local remedies are frowned upon, especially by least informed “experts”. And I doubt if Sylvia Masebo can initiate such research because she doesn’t look like she has the capacity to. Even the trials that were done on SF2000 were conducted in South Africa where they respect local remedies. The program in Zambia died with Dr. Patrick Chikusu (MHSRIP). Sondashi formula does exactly what ARVs do and this is to boost CD4 and to suppress the virus. It’s a challenge to our local scientists. Most local scientific symposiums I have attended have presentation of foreign findings and research. This is a shame.

  3. Very interesting. Clinical trials for real or imagination. This teacher herbalist must be so highly educated for him to list all those diseases he says he cures. Question how does he diagnose?

  4. He needs funding for HIV treatment but he has never needed funding for ‘bring back lover,’ ‘mwana apeluke,’ ‘palibe kanthu,’ mutototo…

    • Because you the consumer accepts that it works and you silently receive your lost lover. Noone complains and it ends there


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