Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Mposha launches service charter, integrity documents to help fight corruption


Minister of Water Development and Sanitation, Mike Mposha, has launched the Ministerial Service Charter and Integrity Documents which are aimed at improving service delivery and fighting corruption r in his ministry.

Mr Mposha says the launch of the documents comes at a time when the ministry is picking up momentum in re-positioning its strategic direction in line with the aspirations of the current administration.

He says the aim of the service delivery charter and two integrity documents namely, the gifts and benefits guidelines and the code of ethics, is to help the ministry to set standards of governing.

He explained during the launch of the documents that the service charter outlines the standards of services which clients should expect in their interaction with the ministry.

In further explaining the integrity documents, Mr Mposha said the other purpose of the guidelines is to protect the employees against conflicts of interests and allegations of impropriety.

“We all have a duty to conduct ourselves in accordance with the highest standards of integrity, impartiality and accountability. The way we respond to offers of gifts, benefits and hospitality is critical to earning and sustaining the trust of those we serve,” Mr Mposha explained.

And speaking at the same event, UNICEF Deputy Representative, Malti Gandhi, said the documents will enhance public confidence.

Ms Gandhi said corruption and misuse of resources in the public sector will be addressed through the launched strategic documents.

“It is words and actions such as these that drive our collective commitments in supporting the work of the ministry, a shared commitment to maximise investment, to maximise our efforts in accelerating access to water, sanitation and hygiene for women and children of Zambia,” she said.

Last year, the Cabinet Office issued a directive for ministries, provinces and spending agencies to develop service delivery charters in order to enhance the provision of quality services and harness accountability.


  1. Mike Mposha look at your constituency. Look at the roads in Chelstone. Look at the medicine situation at Levi Mwanawasa hospital before yapping what you are doing now.

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