Wednesday, April 17, 2024

HH holds of meeting with a team from the commonwealth


President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has held a series of meetings during the ongoing COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. This morning, President HICHILEMA met with a team from the commonwealth to discuss matters of mutual interest.

Some of the key issues discussed include investment in renewable energy in order to create a viable energy mix for Zambia.

And Commonwealth Assistant Secretary General for Governance and Peace, Professor LUIS FRANCESCHI said Zambia is ripe for investments due to its peace and political stability.

President HICHILEMA later met officials from the International Finance Corporation- IFC, a wing of the World Bank group, where potential areas of investment were discussed among them Agriculture, manufacturing and mining.

The President emphasized Zambia’s strategic location saying the Country is well positioned to enhance trade and provide various goods and services for the region.

And IFC Managing Director MARKHTAR DIOP said following the fruitful conversation with President HICHILEMA, the group would undertake a feasibility assessment tour to Zambia soon with a view to explore more investment opportunities.

MEANWHILE, the International Chamber of Commerce -ICC- has awarded President HICHILEMA for playing a key role in Zambia meeting its Nationally Determined Contributions -NDCs.

President HICHILEMA received the Presidential Transport Champion Award of the year at an event presided over by Africa investor Chairman Awards Adjudication panel Chief Executive Officer HUBERT DANSO.

The President who received the award this afternoon at the ongoing cop27 conference in Sharm El sheikh, said the award came at the right time when the world was shifting to electric vehicle usage for transportation in order to protect the environment.

President HICHILEMA stressed that Zambia working with the Democratic Republic of Congo was ready to take part in the manufacturing of the electric vehicle batteries and that the headquarters of this Joint venture would be in NDOLA.

The President also took time this afternoon to visit the Zambian Pavilion at the ongoing Cop27 conference in Sharm El sheikh Egypt.

President HICHILEMA encouraged the Zambian delegates to not only participate in meetings but extract value, in order for Zambia to benefit from the ongoing negotiations.

The President also called on financial institutions attending the conference to create a favorable environment for potential investors in the green, clean and sustainable projects sectors to increase the number of players.


  1. Take a leaf from Kagame stop all this photo shooting,learn to solve problems among your African leaders.Cheap talk will not take Africa anywhere

  2. Leaders of the rich nations you went to beg money from have all returned to their countries to sort out matters affecting their people and there is this man from a poor country busy spending more of it’s meagre resources when it has so many problems that need his attention. Really shameful. God what did Zambia do to deserve this?

  3. These begging trips will not help. The white people are not interested in developing Africa. They are interested in the same things that brought them to Africa years ago. Our mineral wealth, cheap labour and our gullible leaders. The president should be working on the shortages and drugs, FISIP and escalating commodity prices since his ministers have failed to address these issues.

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