Wednesday, April 17, 2024

EIZ express worry over floods in Lusaka


The Engineering Institution of Zambia – EIZ has expressed worry over the continued floods in some parts of Lusaka despite offering a proposal to the Lusaka City Council – LCC on how to permanently curb the flooding situation in the City.

Because of the continued flooding issue in some parts of Lusaka, the Engineering Institution of Zambia President, Abel Ng’andu has since summoned the Lusaka City Council Director of Engineering Liftary Ndaba to explain why floods keep recurring, despite their institution’s guidance.

“I have summoned the Director of Engineering to come to our offices so that we can engage them as our stakeholders in order to see why the previous proposals to sort out the flooding issue in Lusaka has not taken off,” he said

Mr Ng’andu told journalists in Lusaka that it is disappointing that the people of Lusaka are subjected to floods every rainy season, when the engineering body gave advice on how to end the problem.

He explained that the EIZ wants to understand why the plan to end flooding has not been implemented by the Local Authority.

Mr Ng’andu expressed worry over the flooding issue and he has since assured that their Institution will take a very proactive approach this time around, as they will engage the Director of Engineering, the Lusaka Mayor, as well as the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development.

“If it’s an issue of budgets, then let’s have a holistic point of view we look at all the issues such as drainages, roads separately, so that they are dealt with as separate issues because we seem to be failing dealing with everything at once,” Mr Ng’andu said

From the onset of this year’s rain season, most parts of Lusaka are already experiencing floods and damage to property, and the Central Business District – CBD has not been spared as the Kulima Tower Bus Station is one of the places which was flooded on Sunday and the Lusaka City Council through the Fire Brigade rushed on the scene to drain the water from the Bus Station which led to the disturbance of business for both bus drivers and traders who operate within the bus station as their prospective customers were hindered from accessing the bus station because of the floods.


  1. The president spends all his time flying around so to him he is out of touch with reality. You will continue flooding until you make the right choice in 2026

  2. Oh, here we go again. Floods, floods, and floods. Year after year, the song never changes.
    Who doesn’t know that Lusaka sits on limestone and therefore drainage is poor?
    UNIP, MMD, and pf all failed to find a solution. I hope UPND will find a lasting solution.

    • If this problem had been in Rwanda Kagame could have fixed it. If this problem had been in Libya Gaddafi could have fixed it. Zambia’s limp leadership cant sort out such a tiny problem? Why do we elect them into office?

  3. EIZ the problem is that in Zambia politicians are the ones who are in the forefront to solving, approving and commissioning engineering projects. Engineering problems must be left to the engineers. Politicians need to stick to political projects.

  4. Lusaka sits in a bowl and on limestone hence poor drainage by nature. The money allocated for adequate drainage system was looted by PF for Lungu should have a better sh1t at his house.
    This issue will never be solved because there isn’t the will to do so.

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