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Lusaka Councillor Lauds Residents’ Empowerment Initiative


MATERO’S Kapwepwe Ward 25 Councillor, Salubusa Mwamba, has lauded the residents for kick-starting an initiative to empower vulnerable and old women in his ward with funds to start-up small and medium businesses.

Speaking this evening when he handed over funds donated by the community members to Eniea Mubanga, Councillor Mwamba said it was important that members of the community work together to supplement initiatives aimed at helping people to uplift themselves.

“Ending poverty in our communities should not be left to government alone as we all must work together and put our small resources together to help the lowest members of our society to move away from the doldrums of poverty,” he said.

Councillor Mwamba said helping vulnerable members of one’s community by empowering them with capital is one way of showing true love for neighbours.

He has since encouraged the recipient of the funds to make good use of the resources by investing and growing a business which will become an example to other women and families in Zambia.

And Chairman of the group Ceasar Mbao said they intend to help more women by creating a revolving fund for vulnerable and old women who show a commitment to run small businesses that brings food on their table.

Mr Mbao said the group will ride on the Know Your Neighbour Programme which was launched in Kapwepwe Ward to rekindle community interest in the welfare of every member of the community.

He said he is optimistic that the group will raise sufficient funds through monthly contributions to help at least 20 women by February, 2023.


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