Monday, June 24, 2024

Of PF bouncing back to power…….


By Prince Bill M. Kaping’a (Political/Social Analyst)

Part 1

During the recently held by-elections in selected parts of the country, the Patriotic Front could only manage to salvage 2 seats out of 22, while the rest of the opposition political parties which were brave enough to join the fray amassed zero! What do we make of this?

Well, like a reckless driver who defies all the odds, and miraculously emerges from the wreckage of a grisly fatal accident, totally unscathed and goes on to have fun on the road again; the August 2021 general elections didn’t leave the former ruling party ‘comatose,’ desperately gasping for survival on some sort of life support mechanism save for the initial shock of suffering defeat. You see them grumpy and still complaining that the elections were rigged and that they can wallop UPND if the elections were called today!

With over 60 parliamentary seats to their name and their resources probably still intact, PF poses a significant threat to UPND’s hold on power than the likes of Kelvin Bwalya Fube, Fred M’membe, Harry Kalaba or Sean Tembo and Saboi Imboela, who both have a knack for coming out crude and combative, put together! As the Bembas say, “Chimbwi pakulila, ninshi naishiba epo ashintilile (When a hyena to howls, there’s a reason for doing so.)” This exactly applies to PF; who are convinced that they can bounce back to power as early as 2026.

When MMD wrestled power from UNIP in 1991………through the ballot, of course; the former didn’t waste time hauling, and hurling the heroes of our liberation struggle into the lake of fire! Everything panned out so fast and furious – government vehicles were savagely grabbed from former ministers at gun point; their homes were frisked in the middle of the night while others were evicted from government houses wee of the day and dumped on the streets. Those serving in foreign missions weren’t spared either – they were given 24 hours to report back home and henceforth, condemned to a life of misery on the streets! And as if to further add salt to injury, their Bank accounts were instantly frozen while their businesses were crippled to make it impossible for them to mobilize resources and possibly fight back!

Since the incoming government didn’t find anything incriminating against the UNIP leaders as most of them were arguably humble and decent human beings who didn’t relish dipping their hands into the treasury unlike most of the leaders of our present times, the state had to concoct some sort of clandestine plots to find an excuse to send them to jail, hence the infamous – ZERO Option Plan and Black Mamba. The narrative the state fed to the public was that the former ruling party was hellbent on sponsoring covert operations such as planting bombs or gutting public infrastructure to make the country ungovernable so that they can sneak back to power through the back door! As expected, a number of individuals would be effectively rounded-up and detained, indefinitely. It was just a matter of time before this ‘poison’ would take effect and dispatch UNIP to the grave, prematurely.

Fast forward 2011; Sata’s PF deposed MMD from power. In a case of history repeating itself, the Patriotic Front went full throttle destabilizing MMD. Using the state machinery – the combined mighty of Zambia Police, DEC, OP, ZRA and Immigration, hundreds of campaign vehicles were confiscated from MMD, cooked up charges were slapped on them and they were sent to Chimbokaila or Mukobeko while their businesses crushed. Curiously, several factions would sprout up from within the party. While the other political parties were busy mobilizing despite the hostile environment, it was a ‘court season’ for the MMD – it was one court case after another as several individuals dragged each other to court for one reason or another.


  1. This article is very misleading and I hope the UPND won’t buy into it. If the UPND were popular they wouldn’t have used those underhand tricks in the last elections. My advice to the UPND is that instead of preoccupying themselves with tricks to outdo the PF, they must concentrate on service delivery. FISP, drugs, perceived persecution of former leaders while not dealing with current corruption have reduced the UPND rating. I challenge Batuke Imenda to tour the country and hear what small scale farmers are saying. 2026 will be nasty because HH has crude rules of engagement and now that he has the instruments of power the opposition won’t have it easy. What happened at ECZ recently is a clear indication of what lies ahead

    • Upnd has also bought into it.They have been trying to crush pf leaders..problem is they don’t have smart people to concoct cases. But clever thing they have done is to manage to get into ECZ. Upnd will win 2026. They have ECZ in their pocket….

  2. Kaping’a please go to Chainama Mental Hospital for hatred treatment.
    No one can tell the future so try to spend your time on profitable things instead of chasing useless dreams.

  3. If you think cooked up by elections are a barometer for performance at general election then you are in for a rude shock. We have already started planning and strategic planning for the elections. As we speak we are channelling thousands of pounds every month to our branches in zambia.

  4. UNIP never bounced back simply because KK miscalculated when he boycotted the 1996 elections. KK should have stepped down and allow Kebby Musokotwane to lead UNIP against MMD. MMD never bounced back for two reasons. 1. Chiluba’s failed 3rd term bid, orchestrated by Sata bled the MMD of talent. Chiluba was left with weaklings and so after Levy died, they weren’t strong enough to run the party. 2. Sata poached many former MMD strongmen and women into PF. This time round, PF can only fail if more than 5 of its leaders, including Lungu, are arrested for corruption. The way things are going, UPND is building a case towards that.

    • #6, The Saint, when KK returned to lead UNIP, out of 12 by-elections that were held UNIP won 7 and MMD 5. FTJ panicked at the prospect of KK bouncing back so he decided to amend the Constitution to bar him. And when KK began the process the handover to Wezi Kaunda who was more militant there was more panic in both MMD and UNIP circles. Wezi died a very premature but painful death the rest is history. So UNIP had the prospects of bouncing back if the playing field were level

  5. Iam very unhappy with UPND but my alternative won’t be PF. They are equally incompetent. These are not the parties a developing country needs. They are idle with progress but very active in theft. Just tell me why there’s been no action on the Masebo corruption report. Why does HH look the other way? Lungu Wasikowska that too.


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