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Government refutes claims that it is delaying CDF disbursement


Government has refuted claims that it is delaying the disbursement of Constituency Development Funds (CDF). Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Gary Nkombo explains that his ministry is determined to ensuring that the funds reach constituencies after which development projects can take off.

Mr. Nkombo was speaking during a phone in Program on Mpika FM in Mpika District in Muchinga Province monitored by the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Mpika on Friday.

He revealed during programme that in Mpika District the Grader Tender has been closed and Kanchibiya District CDF has been exhausted, an indicator that leadership in the two districts is working hard.

“ The process of disbursement of CDF funds is sped up by the Member of Parliament, Local Council and the Ward Development Committee (WDC).

“In Mpika and Kanchibiya, CDF programs are going on well because the MP, Local Government and the WDC’s are doing their part in ensuring that the process is sped up,” said Mr Nkombo.

The CDF has been given to constituencies for all quarters and members of parliament and the local government should ensure that this money is exhausted and used accordingly for the benefit of the people.

Mr Nkombo has also clarified that CDF is not used to construct roads from one province to another.

He cited Mpika – Lusaka road as an example saying CDF will not be used to construct the road from Mpika to Lusaka but rather there is money set aside to repair the road by the European Union so that it is in a good state and usable.

And Mpika resident Abel Mwamba says there is need for government to educate members of the community on issues of CDF as citizens are under the impression that these funds will be used for road construction, fertiliser distribution to beneficiaries among others.

Mr. Mwamba added that Party Officials especially during Election Campaign have been misinforming community members on the use of CDF.

“Does it mean that the CDF Funds are the only funds that will work for everything, for roads, fertiliser, medicines and so on, ever since CDF was introduced, it seems everything revolves around it,” Said Mr Mwamba.


  1. There are no delays in southern and western provinces. Go figure. They are stealing money meant for pf strongholds

  2. Some have received while others have not received……if I were him I would have simply asked for a chance and time to investigate the claims.
    Don’t be like Fat Matambo who has been announcing the availability of farming inputs when nothing has been delivered to the districts.

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