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Activist counsels politicians against uncouth language


A Chirundu based good governance and human rights activist, Harris Muzyamba, has implored Zambians and politicians in particular to enjoy their newly found freedom of expression within the confines of the law.

Mr. Muzyamba is saddened with the emerging culture of insulting leaders and elderly people by young politicians in the country in the name of freedom of expression.

He said the trend has the potential of inciting violence if not checked.

Mr. Muzyamba made this call when he featured on a live phone-in-programme dubbed: ‘Know your leader’ on Modern Voice Radio yesterday.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Muzyamba, who is also a staunch United Party for National Development (UPND) member, regretted that some opposition leaders have failed to ‘punch holes’ in the new government’s record on fulfilling electoral promises hence resorting to insults.

He singled out leaders of Economic and Equity Party (EPP) and Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) Chilufya Tayali and Sean Tembo as some of the culprits that are allegedly practicing politics of insults devoid of offering credible checks and balances to the ruling party.

“UPND and its Alliance Partners are on course to fulfil all the electoral promises within a short period after forming government unlike what previous regimes did,” he said.

“The increment in the allocation of the Constituency Development Fund, employment of public service workers, payment of pension to retirees, leveling the playing field for political parties during elections and restoration of rule of law rank top of the agenda for the government,” he explained.

He has since urged all well-meaning Zambians to support President Hakainde Hichilema and his government because of the unprecedented implementation of various programmes.

And Mr. Muzyamba has defended Chirundu Member of Parliament, Douglas Syakalima’s performance in office since his re-election as MP in the 2021 general elections.

Mr. Muzyamba said Mr. Syakalima has presided over the smooth implementation of the ongoing 2022 CDF projects and even gone out of his way by using personal resources to fund community projects.

“May I make an earnest appeal to the electorates of Chirundu constituency and the residents in general, to give Mr. Syakalima time to execute his double mandate as Minister of Education and MP without due pressure,” he begged.

He said Mr. Syakalima is busy restoring the integrity of the Ministry of Education that was highly politicised by the previous government.

Mr. Muzyamba’s plea follow complaints by some residents on Modern Voice Radio’s ‘What is happening in your area programme’ that the MP should address some challenges that the residents are facing.


  1. So according to the UPND, when we openly called Zambia’s strongest President ever as Fonkofonko there was no freedom of speech? We Zambians have always spoken whatever the circumstances. There’s no one can stop us from talking

    • Apart from Sata the motor-mouth, did anyone openly call KK fonkofonko? Remember there was no social media then. If Tayali did what he is doing in UNIP days, the vigilantes would have descended on him and before he knew it, he would have gone by air

    • #1.1, I’ll only mention those told off KK and were reported in the state owned press. Mungoni Liso, Munyukayumbwe Sipalo, Rex Natala, Peter Chiko Bwalya, Simon Kapwepwe, Chanda Sosala, Palakasa Chiwaya, Alexander Chikwanda, Chileshe was a miner at Mindolo, Chama Chakomboka, Christon Tembo, Mubanga Sefuke, Nkaka Puta, Kangwa Musole, Chief Nkula, Mufaya Mumbuna, they’re quite many

    • Dog it’s do!
      Kaizar Zulu May 7, 2021 At 10:03 am
      The problem with my chimbuya tayali is that he only thinks after opening his mouth. Be very careful, last thing you want is to be arrested for being careless. Who do you think will take care of your wlfe when you go in? You will find her with another man when you come out with 7 children .

  2. We all saw videos of the most degrading and unpalatable insults and dirty language PF caders were hurting at opposition during 2021……….

    That was comming and directed by PF leaders …………

    If law enforcement does not clamp down on this culture, that will be what zambian youth will know……..only insults and dirty language

    The 2.8 million expect law enforcement to stamp out that culture of public insults and dirty language

  3. Accusing someone of a crime is not checks and balalnces, its accusations. In Tayali case and like always, he is drawing blanks because he has been accusing HH and Chief Mukuni since PF era. To date no conviction but Bally has been arrested before becuase of Tayali and Nsama was killed that day together with kaunda a UPND cadre. The case did not go anywhere after that. Tayali is a prolific accuser whose’ accusations go no where but injures innocent people while he claims to be doing “checks and balances”.

    • If I say that the president is abetting corruption, I am not insulting him…….it is called checks and balances.
      The man Muhyamba is a staunch Upnd member so his interpretation of insult is extremely in favour of his president.

  4. I have never heard Chilufya Tayali insulting the president. Bu I have heard him critisise the President. I have also heard him accuse the President of some wrong doing. Should h be arrested for such?

  5. Freedom of expression is like freedom to walk on the road or freedom to drive on the road.
    Walking on the roads has rules and regulations just like driving on the road.
    Similarly, freedom of expression too, has rules and regulations. As human beings, we think a lot of things and if we were to write them done, it would cause problems.
    If we are to take freedom of expression as ibila mumushi, does not mention names nor titles of people. It should be a general way of speaking such that whom it is concerned, will be able to say in his or her heart that it is me and I ought to realise something and correct the situation.
    Even if you have evidence, it does not give one a right to mention names or titles of persons.

  6. They insulted ECL with impunity through such as musician, a well known musician , thier cadres, top upnd leadership.We never upnd criticing these people for insulting the president, lelo ati watukana.Kanongaebo, relativism at its worst!! Infact the archtect of insulting came from the people who are condemning today.However, insulting is bad..But look at what they terming insults, are they really insults? Any way vina mwamene waivelela,

  7. These 2 criminals called Tayali and Sean. They are not politicians. But unpopular failures. The see publicity through talking rubbishes. No one can even vote for them

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