Calls to audit PF aspirant over K 200 000 is nonsensical-Kafwaya

Transport and Communications Minister Hon Mutotwe Kafwaya
Transport and Communications Minister Hon Mutotwe Kafwaya

PF hopeful presidential candidate Hon Mutotwe Kafwaya has blasted those calling for the PF aspirants to be probed over the K200,000 nomination fees.

The Lunte Lawmaker said it is nonsensical for people to make such suggestions when they were quite when UPND ministers were declaring assets.

Hon Kafwaya said such suggestions are triggered by hatred among other reasons.

He said this when he featured on Hot FM’s Hot Seat today.

“It’s childish to suggest that I should be probed regarding where I got the K200,000 for nomination from. When Ministers were declaring sums worth K60 million, did you hear anybody talking about the probe? No you didn’t. the reason is they are ministers,” he said.

“It’s very childish. What is a K200,000? Listen, I don’t have to be a politician to have a K200,000. And if in your thinking, you think that I am worth less than K200,000, you are joking, you are a joker. So for me that is foolishness, it is lack of thinking what priorities you must focus on, it is just hatred.”

Hon Kafwaya said he has no problem with being probed.

He however stated that he would still laugh at those probing and call the process foolish.

The hopeful PF presidential candidate said even the car he drives is worth not less than a K200,000.

“Listen even the car I drive is worth more than K200,000. If I didn’t have it, I could have sold one of my cars. Do you think I have one car? In the last Parliament, I got a loan from Parliament, I bought a Mitsubishi, it’s there at home. In this Parliament where I was chased for 90 days for having lost my seat for a while…I got another loan and I have another car,” he said.

“Before that, I had another car which I bought via FNB financing. So if I don’t have a K200,000 I can sell a car which is worth K200,000 and be able to do that. So it is not an issue for me… for an accountant like myself…. a graduate of many years and someone who has served various organizations up to the level of Auditing Manager, Chief Accountant…. I cannot be worth less than a K200,000.”


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