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Planned impeachment motion against HH by the opposition will not succeed if tabled in Parliament


The Governance, Elections, Advocacy, Research Services – GEARS Initiative Zambia says the planned impeachment motion against President Hakainde Hichilema by the opposition will not succeed if tabled in Parliament.

GEARS Initiative Zambia Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi disclosed that this is because the opposition like in the previous parliament does not enjoy the majority seat and that it is impossible for them to get support from members of parliament belonging to the ruling United Party for National Development – UPND.

Mr Chipenzi however explains that the opposition are exercising their constitutional rights though this aspiration is far-fetched, further urging the opposition to choose the kind of wars they should engage themselves in.

He observed that it is impossible for the opposition to censure Ministers as they stated yesterday as the process just like the impeachment motion has conditions which the current opposition parliament cannot meet.

And Chief Government Spokesperson Chushi Kasanda has dared the opposition to go ahead with their plans saying they will just be wasting their time to file a motion of impeachment against the president as people in the country are happy with the current government and the head of state.

At a media briefing yesterday, opposition political parties among them the Patriotic Front – PF, Economic Front – EF, National Democratic Congress – NDC, Citizens First – CF, Golden Party of Zambia – GPZ, and the Patriots for Economic Progress – PeP disclosed that they are in the process of issuing a motion of impeachment in Parliament against President Hakainde Hichilema for failing to govern the country to the expectations of Zambians.

Speaking on behalf of the other Political Parties, Patriotic Front Chairperson for Information and Publicity Raphael Nakachinda stated that competent lawyers are crafting the motion and it will be passed in the House by the leader of the opposition in parliament.

Mr Nakachinda added that a motion of Censure against Finance Minister Situmbeko Musokotwane, his Agriculture counterpart Reuben Mtolo as well as Health Minister Sylvia Masebo will be issued for allegedly being incompetent in the execution of their duties.

At the same briefing, National Democratic Congress – NDC Leader Saboi Imboela has appealed to the international community and the general public to take interest in the alleged human rights violation going on in the country.

Ms Imboela has also vowed that the opposition in the country will never stop talking if all the rights violations are aimed at silencing them.

“We speak for the people out there and they should stop us as those are our Human Rights, and whether they feel comfortable with it or not, we are going to ensure that we stand our rights, integrity and everything that they think they will take away from us as they will not manage,” she said

“Why live for everything if you can’t die for something, and we are going to die for our country and our own Human Rights and we shall not stop talking whatever the consequences are because the Zambians need voices to speak for them now, more than ever before,” she added

Meanwhile, Golden Party of Zambia – GPZ President Jackson Silavwe disclosed that the issue of political violence is on the rise in the country, as the cadres under the New Dawn Administration are clad in jackets so that they are not easily recognized unlike those from the previous regime who wore political party regalia and militia attire and easily recognized, adding that the UPND cadres attack those from the opposition in full view of the Police.

“The rise of political violence in full view of the Police has happened in various places such as Mukushi, Rusangazi where UPND cadres attacked their opponents by throwing stones at them, and also in Lusaka’s Kabwata when I was attacked by UPND cadres after visiting the NDC leader Saboi Imboela who was believed to have been incarcerated there,” he mentioned


  1. zambia is a democratic nation were people are free to express their freedom, its not upto the minister of information to start daring the opposition or the GEARS to think on behalf of the opposition, because it sounds like same one same where is scared of the impeachment motion against HIM.

    • Really? Tell that to Deadnbc. Then afterwards go ask that Phiri journalist in Petauke who was beaten up for discussing fertilizer allocation. Then also speak to the journalists who covered Tayalis arrest. Since 1991 not so many journalists have been harassed just within months of a new government taking office. Where are we heading?

  2. I don’t think it’s in national interest to move such a motion. However, what I note is that the UPND is behaving like the PF did when in Government and the PF are behaving exactly the way the UPND behaved when in opposition. So nothing has changed. We need to redeem ourselves from these 2 monsters

    • You are right. People should wait for next election to judge the current leadership. We waited for 27 years so we can wait for four years. It is not safe to use the system being advocated for.

  3. The move is detrimental to our internal peace. It is democratic but we have to bear in mind how regional politics works in Zambia. For the young ones who were not there, let them know that one of in not the major reasons Dr Kaunda brought in one party system was due to tribally inclined politics. Let these people wait for 2026 where people will judge Mr Hakainde Hichilema.
    As a parting shot I would point out that the author Chipenzi is not the right person to give an opinion on this matter.

  4. What trlbe is this chipenzl guy. Answer that question and you will know why he is defending hh and upnd .

  5. GEARS should know their lane. Shouldn’t they just celebrate that they will chew donors money if elections were to held than trying to show some allegiance?

  6. So where are these deplorables planning to air their motion? Or as ussual they are still a bunch of Chimbwis. In future when you come with such stupidity against HH, it will be individual citizens that will batter you. Watch the space untill the time when CDF is 5years old. Its only a year of CDF and people are feeling the impact, what more when it has matured and people are used to it then a Chambwi that denied them CDF comes with his bad breath – the CDF nebeneficiaries will kill such a person. Just wait. Already even the army now cant listen to any Chimbwi as they are getting their full war packages- no deductions. Doctors,Nurses, Teachers & Students are fully already a “No Go Area” for any opposition!

  7. And just yesterday, Marketeers are joining the HH Caravan too, Im convinced that the Jerabos too are on board already esp that now there is law that registers & qualifies into artisan miners as proper GRZ registered businesses. So kaya che mwe. Aba ba opposition, me dont know where there future is. Seeing the Students marching to statehouse not to insult/complain & burn things but to thank HH (Which has never happened the whole world before) should be enough to leave ba opp.with urine & sht in their pants! Cos for the success of any opposition are the Youths! But if the youths are with the ruling party then why are you even still in politics?

  8. There are serious discotent within the UPND ranks. Like it was in PF where the MMD took over . The same is the case with UPND.There are more MMD than original UPND( Mutati, Musokotwante, Masebo just to mention a few) There are lot of disgrantled caders who thought the party will take care of them and reward them the way PF did. Hence the fights in Mazabuka, Chailanga, Kafue. There are also disgruntled orignal UPND Back bencher MPS who hoped to get ministerial jobs. The are unhappy to see “outsiders ” being given top ministerial jobs. These if it came to impeachment could vote with the opposition. Do not ignore this

    • Ministerial appointments should be based on merit, not on reward, just because someone campaigned hard for the winning party. Let them be disgruntled. If they’re Grade 7 dropouts, how do they expect to do a job that requires a degree of some sort? Stop trying to take Zambia back to the stone age. We need qualified, educated technocrats to run the country, not uneducated people who feel they deserve to be rewarded.

  9. ‘It is better to have a lesser devil than a full devil’. These Zambian politicians in the name of the opposition have nothing to do apart from politicking all the time claiming that they are offering checks and balances. We had elections a year ago where Zambians offered UPND mandate to govern the country for 5 years. UPND should be given chance to govern without fear of intimidation and victimization from anyone who wants to see meaningful changes and tangible approach towards nation development and unity. We are not naive that UPND will not make mistakes, they will do so but not at the rate of the previous regime. ‘Come on Zambians we can do better than what PF did! ‘Our democracy is still growing but we should not let these politicians take advantage of the situation knowing that…

  10. 99% of opposition parties do not have a single member of parliament. Most of Zambian opposition parties are just like NGOs. They do not have the mandate of the people to speak on their behalf. The only opposition party in parliament is too busy playing operation house organisation that its MPs have no time to research issues and table or sponsor bills in the house. There is no diference between Chipenzi and M’membe or beetween SE Tembo and Linda Kasonde or between Kalaba and Laura Miti. They were all never elected by Zambians.

  11. Another useless praise singer, The issue at hand is the auditing of the security wings by private firms,honestly how! Even the richest or the poorest country they don’t do such. If the information iam reading from the media to me it’s a great concern! Politics aside. When Unip lost power to MMD, Mmd accused Unip of corruption, they never invited any private firm to audit the security wings to the rest of the governments,it was the same! Now the new doom are breaking the rule of law, because of the desire to have money! a private firm auditing security wings! Where on earth, new doom government please stop this madness, if you don’t understand the consequences of your actions,senior citizens who have worked in those institutions ask them, or Ask the people of Zambia and see if they are…

  12. Ask the people of Zambia and see if they are going to support this useless idea. This is not a matter to take lightly because our security is at risk.

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