UNIP thanks govt for its urgent response to appeals to rehabilitate of Serenje -Nakonde road


Opposition United National Independence Party (UNIP) has commended government for quickly responding to various calls to rehabilitate the Serenje -Nakonde road.

Party spokesperson Reverend Andrew Mwima says the move is a clear indication that the new dawn is a listening government.

Reverend Mwima adds that his party is happy with the development and is hence ready to support the new dawn government on issues that benefit the citizenry.

The opposition party spokesperson in a telephone interview on Thursday lamented that the said road was becoming impassable and posing a serious threat to road users.

“You do recall that last month we came to ZANIS to give a statement expressing our displeasure on the bad state of the road after we travelled on it to Kasama.

“So we are very encouraged by the government’s quick response to our plight and that of others concerning the state of this road, this is how the government should work, ” said Rev. Mwima.

Stating that his party will provide credible checks and balances as well as remind the government on issues it may not be aware about, the spokesperson has advised government to strive to meet the expectations of citizens who have entrusted it with the mandate to manage the country’s affairs.

The Road Development Agency (RDA) last month engaged China Geo Corporation to begin maintenance works on the Serenje-Nakonde road before commencing major works.

RDA acting Communications director Anthony Mulowa last week confirmed that several stakeholders have been engaged to finance different sections of the road, and also confirmed that so far, works on the Chinsali Nakonde stretch are underway with some sections already open to traffic.


  1. Constructive criticism brings benefits that are a public good. Not some malicious criticisms of some opposition Parties whose only aim is to see the government fail for selfish personal good of a small clique of people.

    • Do we even have opposition parties in Zambia, unless you are talking about one man political and social commentators

  2. The UPND is delivering. Very different from PF which campaigned and promised more money in peoples pockets in 90 days but at the end of the 10 years of PF rule, there was no money in the pockets of Zambians

  3. Okay there are some things which UPND did not for see like fertiliser pricing, that it is difficult to bring it to promised prices. Even PF there was a time that they were delaying FISP distribution and they improved, so even UPND will improve. Overall there is good direction that we are seeing from UPND. And which opposition party replaces the weak PF when it disintegrates at its convention.

  4. The museum has UNIP, PF and even the new parties that came up in the last 5 years, You come up as a party and head direct to the museum.

  5. This thing of thanking govt for doing what they are required to do with tax payers money is very backwards.


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