All Rural schools, Clinics to have piped water by December 2024-Mweetwa


Government has set a deadline of December 2024 to have all public institutions in rural areas connected to piped water.

Southern Province Minister, Cornelius Mweetwa, said it is President Hakainde Hichilema’s desire to have all schools and health centres in the country, especially those in rural areas, installed with water mechanised systems.

The project will be funded from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Mr Mweetwa has since called on local authorities in Southern Province to ensure that all presidential directives on water reticulation projects are followed accordingly.

He said the presidential directive on the installation of solar powered water mechanisation systems in rural schools and clinics for enhanced service delivery is non-negotiable.

He was speaking in Namwala when he received 16 bore holes valued at K595, 000. The boreholes were sunk by the Makeni Islamic Society Trust.

Mr Mweetwa said government wants every citizen to access quality water by providing communities with boreholes.

He said the government is working in partnership with other cooperating partners such as the Human Aid Zambia Programme under the Makeni Islamic Society Trust.

And Namwala Town Council Chairperson, Abel Moonga, said the local authority has approved projects under WASHE programmes for mechanised boreholes which he said will soon be sunk in selected areas of the district.

Mr Moonga said the district has been supported by various cooperating partners have provided water to rural communities through sinking boreholes at different points of the four chiefdoms of Namwala.

He added that partners such as World Vision under the Mbeza-Muchila area programme is also helping communities of Namwala.

He said he is also pleased that the Makeni Islamic Society Trust has come on board with 16 boreholes in the district in just one year.

Mr Moonga was speaking at the official handover of one of the 16 boreholes donated at Namusonde school in Mungaila chiefdom of Namwala district.

Meanwhile, Namwala District Commissioner, Ephraim Shandavu, has appealed to other players to come on board and supplement government efforts in various sectors with a view to enhance quality service delivery to the people in the area.

Mr Shandavu has since appealed to the Namusonde school management to work with the surrounding community and ensure that the water facility is maintained and guarded jealously.

Meanwhile, Makeni Islamic Trust Representative, Ikram Patel, has commended the government for providing an enabling environment for Human Aid Zambia Programme to serve the community of Namwala and other parts of the country.

Mr. Patel added that this gesture is in line with its religious teaching of providing people with water as one of the greatest gifts a human being can provide to others.

He revealed that the people of Namwala district have welcomed the Human Aid Zambia Programme very well hence it has been able to execute its programmes.

And Namwala District Education Board Secretary, Chiilika Mwiinga, said the provision of water in schools will promote teacher retention.

Mr. Mwiinga observed that most teachers sent to rural schools always opt to move to urban schools due to lack of water.

He said provision of water remains a major source of motivation for both teachers and learners.


  1. Still making more promises. Can you stop making more promises and concentrate on reducing the long list of promises you made. Just to remind you, USD at k5, fuel at k5 per litre, fertilizer at k250 per 50kg bag, free education from grade 1 to university, no cadres in markets, reduced cost of living the list is endless. Remember you are no longer in opposition, and it is time to DO not to PROMISE.

  2. It’s NOT a promise, its a TARGET ! A vision !! It’s GOAL to AIM for !! Just as in life, without goals and objectives, it will be hard to achieve anything.
    Unfortunately, in Past government we had a visionless leader and Zambians are confused, any forward looking wish is considered a “PROMISE”.
    Promises are made at campaign time, and that’s when you vent your leaders.
    We told you. bring your leaders together for debates, and let them share their vision. let the people have an opportunity to ask questions, on how those leaders were to attain their goals. What did the then-incumbent leader do, he did not think that was important, and YOU protected him for childish reasons and YOU TOOK ZAMBIANS for FUUULS !!! Suck it up now, until 2026

  3. @KCI: i have read the whole article and havent seen any single promise. Are you reading a different article or what? If the minister mentioned of 2024 to achieve something thats not a promise, thats a plan. The New Dawn GRZ doenst promise nobody anything, it just outlines what it needs to achieve and at what time. If you take that as a promise then fuutsek! iwe chi PF stinky cadre.

  4. Its cadre mentality to think of GRZ plans as promise- where in this world does a government promise? Government dont promise but they outline what they need to do/achieve. PF cadres always promised people things no wonder their mentality is still in the past. Besides i woudnt be surprised cos these were uneducated fools/komboni fools occupying GRZ offices. mwanya now and for the next 50yrs jail is calling bafikala

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