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Eleven Teachers Suspended for Examination Malpractice


Eleven teachers have been suspended for engaging in examination malpractice, and the Examination Council of Zambia – ECZ Director Michael Chilala disclosed that the nine teachers are from Mpongwe District while the other two are from Chilanga District.

Dr. Chilala explained that there are cases of teachers that have been assisting candidates in the 2022 examinations and this has been confirmed in Mpongwe District, where the invigilators, supervisors and other teachers are involved, which brings the total number of those involved to nine, and they have all been placed on suspension as investigations are still on going.

“Teachers in Mpongwe were charging 150 Kwacha to assist each pupil per subject,” he said

Dr. Chilala mentioned that the nine in Mpongwe also include the Head Teacher and a Deputy Head Teacher who have also been suspended for engaging in exam malpractice.

Meanwhile, Dr. Chilala said in an interview that the two from Chilanga are the Head Teacher and the Deputy Head Teacher.

Dr. Chilala noted that in Chilanga District the two were planning to engage in malpractice in the grade nine examinations that are scheduled to start next week.

“We also came across a case of planned involvement of grade nine examination which are starting on the 24th of November, 2022, and once we got the information, we quickly moved in to change the administrators of the school in Chilanga, we are a situation where in these two schools, the Head Teachers and Deputy Head Teachers have been moved,” Dr. Chilala said

Dr. Chilala has since urged parents and guardians not to support such activities, and to refrain from offering to pay for their children to be assisted when writing the exam.

And the Teacher Unions have described the situation as unfortunate, with the Zambia National Union of Teachers -ZNUT- Acting General Secretary Catherine Chinunda urging the teachers to refrain from engaging in malpractice and maintain the credibility of the exams.

Ms Chinunda added that she is concerned with this vise and has since urged teachers to maintain professionalism in their line of work.

“Can those Headmasters and teachers stop what they are doing, as malpractice is a chargeable offence that can make them lose their employment, they are killing the nation,” she said

And Secondary Schools Teachers Union of Zambia General Secretary Sitibekiso Wamuyuwa said any Teachers that will decide to go against the law and engage in malpractice will not have the support of the Union.

“We want to be professional, by making sure that we uphold the ethics, hence, those who decide to behave in such a manner will have themselves to blame as the Union will stand on the side of the law,” he said


  1. Zambia’s biggest problem is dishonest that leads to crimes like corruption, theft, burglary, robbery, conveyance, etc and it has permeated almost all spheres of life. Zambia is being slowly destroyed such that it’s difficult to have confidence in Zambians and what they do. There’s always an element of doubt in everything. So, unless we deal with these vices resolutely we may not have a country soon. It’s better we make exam malpractices, corruption, theft and all offshoots of dishonest as capital offenses punishable by death all life imprisonment or at least a minimum of 15yrs. We can’t have a country where people do as they wish, especially those charged with the responsibility. Corruption will bring back those teachers to work.

  2. It’s but the tip of the iceberg. It’s been explained many a time on social media how rotten our society has become. Civil servants join not to work but to make money from deals. Police don’t join to Police but to extort money from citizens.Teachers don’t join to teach but to find ways of making cash from their students etc etc.
    It’s a decaying nation and political witchhunts aren’t what’s gonna get us out of the hole we have dug ourselves in. No arresting Tayali for defamation won’t help the nation. Arresting Sean Tembo doesn’t clean up our rotten society. We need a focused government. Not Upnd not PF

  3. This can stop if the civil service is motivated, you don’t expect teachers and other civil servants to be getting salaries below ZMW10,000 the minimum I propose is K25,000 for diploma holders, K20,000 for certificate, K30,000 for degree holders that way we can develop as a country no aya masese. It is high time the new dawn improved conditions of service.


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