Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Lusambo case fails to take off in Luanshya


The hearing for the case in which former Kabushi Constituency parliamentarian Bowman Lusambo allegedly assaulted two National Democratic Congress members did not take off due to the absence of his lawyers.

The matter came before Luanshya district resident magistrate Penastone Chiluba for the continuation of trial but could not continue due to the absence of Mr. Lusambo’s lawyers of Makebi Zulu and associates who were reported ill.

The former lawmaker is charged with two counts of unlawful wounding and assault occasioning bodily harm contrary to section 248 Cap 87 of the laws of Zambia.

Mr. Lusambo is alleged to have hacked Stanley Musukwa and beat up Mary Musonda both of Mpatamato township in Luanshya during the April 11th Roan Parliamentary by-election.

So far, fourteen state witnesses have testified in the case, with one witness on the standout of the fifteen witnesses in the case.

Magistrate Chiluba adjourned the matter to 19th December 2022 for the continuation of trial.


  1. Makebi Zulu the thieves’ lawyer must be busy with other cases of PF officials in Lusaka…am sure the NDC cadres have already been greased by now.

  2. Political persecutions against pf members. We will deal with these upnd courts when we get power back. Hh is the least popular president in history

    • Sorry Sir, I heard you were hiding from neighboring Country and you snicked in and you were arrested. Is this the platform I read your story just lies or this is not true Kaizar. Please don’t be offered I am just concerned.

    • Influential men like me when arrested can still enjoy freedoms such as communication and Internet. We have our people still in top positions in the police service

  3. What a sigh of relief that the fiefdom was booted out of power on August 12. There are still many cases yet to be unearthed and others will never ever be unearthed. PF was a lawless and clue less party which did more damage to Zambia, check economic stats before power was handed to them by the MMD before you even think of arguing. Of course, we must be forward looking for now, but history should still not be forgotten

  4. This is the only man you should treat as guilty before proven innocent, too much vingazi uyu munthu. Vingaziment all over, Though appears time has brought him back to planet erath

  5. Very weak soldier calling himself bulldozer, I am told he learnt some marketing and could have got some marketing concepts like the power of packaging. How about those cases where he was taking the law in his own hands and whipping patrons in the bars during the illegal covid lock down

  6. Lusambo is a brutal thug……………

    Who was ready to kill for PF to remain in power………..

    The dead man obet kasongo pointed a finger at him as having hacked his head with pangas………

    Lusambo blatantly declared kabushi no go areas for opposition with threats of violence………..

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