Thursday, July 18, 2024

Syakalima warns teachers against exam malpractices


Minister of Education, Douglas Syakalima, has sternly warned teachers, who are in the habit of involving themselves in examination malpractice, to stop or face the law.

Mr Syakalima said he is not going to tolerate acts of malpractices especially during examinations.

He said pupils should be left alone to meritoriously earn their grades and not to be spoon fed.

He observed that teachers who are involving themselves in malpractice are not only destroying the learners but also the country as a whole.

Mr Syakalima explained that some teachers have devised a habit of sending answers to pupils using phones after the government addressed the issue of leakages.

The minister said the government has now banned teachers who are invigilating examinations from entering exam rooms with phones.

He said these and other interventions have helped reduce the number of examination malpractice.

Mr. Syakalima said his ministry will do anything possible to ensure that examination malpractice cases are eradicated.

And interim president of the Progressive Educators Union of Zambia, Davison Kandela, said the law should take its course on the 11 teachers that were arrested on allegations of malpractices if they are found wanting.

Mr Kandela has since urged the teachers to remain professional and stay away from such vices which will not just dent their image but also that of the teaching profession.


  1. Examination malpractice is matter that must be dealt with resolutely and you have my support. Ensure that those caught in the practice regret for the rest of their lives. This vice is worse than treason because the nation gets killed slowly. Let me congratulate you for taking care of leakages. Grade 12 exams went well without any leakage. Keep it up

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