Monday, June 24, 2024

‘We Won’t be Apologetic for doing the Right thing’ – Councillor Simataa Leads Demolition of Illegal Boundary Walls in Kamwala South


Yesterday, Kamwala Ward Councillor Mainda Simataa led a team of Lusaka City Council – LCC Police escorted by armed Zambia Police in a demolition exercise of two (2) illegal boundary walls on properties that had encroached on a road reserve and restricted road access for the community.

Mr Simataa disclosed that one of the illegal walls built on the said road reserve near Edgars Pub off Nationalist road belonged to a Zambia Army Sergeant Mulope of Kamwala South, who had allegedly threatened to shoot anyone who dared to interfere with his building project.

He added that the other wall was built by his neighbour, an unidentified woman who followed the Sergeant’s example after seeing that there was no punitive action taken by the Council, thus, she also extended her wall fence.

“We won’t be apologetic for doing the right thing, which serves the interest of the majority – community members, whose interests are bigger than an individual’s interests, and where individual interests come into conflict with community interests, community interests must prevail,” he stated

“These culprits were warned, and a 30 days notice was given to them, with an additional 6 months, maybe they thought we will never come or that we didn’t have the balls to do it, this must serve as an example to would-be offenders,” Councillor Simataa mentioned

Mr Simataa explained that this demolition exercise has now paved way for a borehole drilling truck to have an easy access to the area where the drilling is taking place, adding that people in the community will soon have access to water after the completion of the borehole drilling.


  1. The same people you are treating today like these are the same people you will come to beg for voting for you today they look foolish and you have the naive to say you are not apologetic.You have become the we dont care atitude. Wait people are not foolish.And for me what i see is that some people in leadership have no solution,they are blank no ideas that is why all they can talk about is PF, are we going to eat PF.Time move is now the budgeting you were waiting for is out twice but still struglling mmmmmm kkkkkk.Zakana ma days, niba mwankole 2.

  2. You should also go after the people who allowed this to happen. Who are they and why did they allow this to happen? You can’t just take money from people and then be the cheerleader when it comes to demolishing. We need order and that should come from the people trusted to give planning permission and land management.

  3. What needs to happen now, is for property owners to start sueing the town planning officers and building inspectors who approved the plans and buildings if everything was done legally. Under tort law, the property owners should be compensated for the negligence of the officials. Doctors get sued for medical mistakes, why can’t the city council servants of the President be sued?

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