5G will enhance economic development-Hichilema


President Hakainde Hichilema says technology has the capacity to transform all the social and economic sectors of life ranging from education to agriculture. Mr Hichilema says Zambia stands to benefit immensely from the commercial launch of the 5G network, which has the capacity to turn around the country’s economic landscape.

Speaking during the launch of 5G network by MTN Zambia Limited in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Hichilema said the positive and sound life of the economy can only be enhanced through advancements in technology.

The President added that the technological advancements which have been introduced in the country are in line with the government’s ambitious programme to grow the economy.

He explained that the launch of 5G will create jobs and business opportunities in the country especially in the area of small and medium enterprise development. The President further said improved technology is a catalyst to transform the mining sector.

He has since urged the mining sector in Zambia to use 5G to enhance collaboration with experts in South Africa and others to ramp up production. He added that the education sector will also benefit from the commercial launch of 5G in the country.

In the area of agriculture and tourism, President Hichilema said communication will filter quickly to farmers and the tourism sites which are found in far flung areas.

The President said livestock farmers are yet to benefit from the connectivity as information will reach them faster wherever they are across the country.

He said the introduction of 5G is in line with the Eighth National Development Plan (8NDP) which aims at job creation and improving people’s lives.

And Minister of Technology and Sciences, Felix Mutati, noted that 5G will improve mobile money services which will transform the lives of the people, especially entrepreneurs.

He said the progressive policies which the new administration has brought in the telecommunication industry will change the economic development of the country.

Mr Mutati added that the digital transformation will address the business challenges the country has been faced with for some time.

“Indeed, Zambia is entering and breaking new grounds in terms of connectivity following this 5G launch we are witnessing today,” he said.

Meanwhile, MTN Chief Executive Officer Bart Hofker stated that 5G will optimise the speed of connectivity which will in turn develop economic and social activities in the country.

Mr Hofker said MTN is the champion in the digital world and will continue to connect countries in Africa.

He added that Zambia is the third country to be connected to 5G after South Africa and Nigeria.

He said huge sums of money have been invested in expanding connectivity across Africa in order to better people’s livelihoods.

“Let us embrace 5G as it is here to transform the social economic journey the government has embarked upon to better the lives of the people,” he said.


  1. Meanwhile Zamtel is sleeping…they should be leading the way after all that colossal investment by taxpayers in those overpriced Chinese comms towers which will soon be obsolete.

  2. 5G internet in a country is a normal thing that should happen. Why parade the President for this? It’s like a Father who buys a bag of mealie meal in the house and invites the General Manager for the Milling Company to come to the house and give a speech.

    • Exactly given that its also a foreign company launching it…maybe they are afraid that Felix will take the spotlight.

  3. MTN is a private company, what is HH and Mutati doing parading themselves as if they did anything to bring 5G. I would understand if it was Zamtel. Can these guys concentrate on their campaign promises?

  4. I am in Lusaka every 8 to 12 weeks and use MTN. The instant you turn left at the airport roundabout towards Chongwe the signal drops to 3G or nothing in certain places. So what are these clowns talking about? You can’t have any digital transformation without putting in place proper infrastructure you !d0ts!!!

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