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Linyungandambo resurrects the Barotseland agreement issue, tells HH that time has come to separate from Zambia


The Linyungandambo Busile, a group that is advocating for the separation of Barotseland from Zambia has written to President Hakainde Hichilema demanding that he settles the issue of the Barotseland land agreement.

In a letter to State House dated 20th November 2022, the grouping said President Hichilema should in a civilized manner sit down with the group and discuss the sharing of assets and agreeing on the new boundaries.

The group said that the forced relationship between Barotseland and Zambia has irretrievably broken down and that time has now come to discuss the issue of identifying citizens of the two countries.

“We hope your government will have the time and wisdom to resolve this issue with the Barotseland nationalist leaders,” the letter read.

“Mr President, we wish to make you aware that as far as Barotseland is concerned, the separation of Barotseland from Zambia started on the 27th of March 2012,” it read.


  1. Here we go again…it will not end well for our President if he continues to sleep walk in the job. The string pullers are exploiting every weakness and before you know it, it will be too late. HH needs to master his dribbling skills and use them to identify the real en3my. They will build you up and dump you at their leisure. Learn from history,

  2. Indeed its time Barotseland went its way and become a republic. We know the boundaries and we know where our wealth lies.
    The boundaries for Barotseland go as far as Copperbelt and Northwestern Province. Barotseland has copper, cobalt, Nickel, Gold , oil,
    wild life (Kafue National park, Liuwa national park). There is the victoria Falls , . Barotseland is endowed with wealth which Northen Rodesia has exploited for a long time. Mr. Hakainde, Sir its time to talk and re define the boudaries.

    • Because Queen Victoria said so? The copperbelt has its own people unless you want to colonize them by force. Even in Western province it’s not only Lozi people who are live there.

    • If the The Linyungandambo Busile group want to play this game then they should also consider migrating back to their origins because they are not the original settlers of this land. Instead of making useless noises this group should consider making use of decentralised resources to uplift the standards of their subjects. They probably have been promised protectorate status again by the colonisers.

    • Even colonialists knew very well that leaving Barosteland as a separate was NOT going to work and was recipe for civil strife which was going to endanger their own mining interests! Do you think people on the Copperbelt could have accepted to be controlled from Mongu? Even within Western Province where the Ba Lozi (Baroste) are found NOT ALL ethnic groups are in support of such secessionist talk! If we were run a referendum,on the issue within the so called Barosteland boundaries, the secessionists can lose big time!!

    • the good part is that you know the boundaries therefore it will be a great idea if you can start from Angola and Drc congo and then Zambia last

    • What happened in 1969 that led to the purported abrogation of the Barotseland agreement of 1964?
      I have just read the agreement, even if I am not a lawyer, I didn’t see a clause which allowed for reverting back to the status that existed before the agreement was signed, in the event of something unsatisfactory happening to the people of former Barotseland. I need guidance on this matter.
      I also notice that apart from Zambia, the Barotseland extends into Angola, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Botswana. Have similar efforts been made from these countries to reclaim the land?
      I am also scared that since Zambia is one unified state, is it not bordering on treason to refer to Barotseland as a country as at now?
      I also notice that the Agreement was the responsibility of The Litunga, do those…

    • Kikikikikikiki iwe Deja Vu stop responding to nonsense. Iam a Lozi and I dont think like him. There will always be rabblerousers in society and how you deal with them reflects your maturity. One Zambia One Nation

    • @FCB you notice wrongly because your I also notice that apart from Zambia, the Barotseland extends into Angola, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Botswana is but a claim from some disgruntled subjects that would want to benefit from any chaos they can create

    • The Copperbelt is not Barotseland. It’s LAMBA land. Stay in your lane with your rabble-rousing. While the rest of Africa is trying to unite, here you’re talking about division and separation. All you’re doing is, attracting the enemies of Africa to exploit the situation and steal our resources, while using you as insurgents.

    • It’s only a part of Copperbelt which is a part of barotseland and my thought on this is to make Zambia a federal state but if it does not go well with the Lozi people then they can just return to Congo because that’s where they originated from why cry for Zambia when they can go back to their original place

    • Have you noticed that the people pushing for Barotseland are from one tribe yet the land being claimed includes several tribes?

  3. By the way, are people still wanting to stick to their colonial masters plans and way of thinking about Africa? ‘Division!’ Their original plan which they have used everywhere they wanted to conquer land and wealth. This plan has worked and it is still working for their own benefits. They know it’s the only way to weaken anything and win over it! Anyway it’s your choice. Let the President work and concentrate on important issues.

  4. How is the Barotse Nation advocacy advancing the cause of Africa?, have energy to engage the West to stop meddling in Africa’s affairs so that Africa can unite and take its position on the table of humanity and be respected.
    You are the type of leaders that should not be listened, always advancing the cause of the West to the detriment of the African masses. An African engrossed in Western ideologies is very dangerous for Africa and he/she is the reason we are still in this messy. Start advocating for the advancement and unity of black people as opposed to calling for further fracturing of Africa and perpetuating Western agendas. Whilst we are on it, kindly request the Litunga to dump the British regalia and extend the same to other African kings and chiefs donning the attire given…

  5. Just throw their letter in the dust bin. They are a waste of time. We are on a mission to develop ZAMBIA. Let them continue with their dreams about BAROTSELAND which does not exist.

  6. We appeal to Milupi and Musokotwane to talk to their tribesmen. BAROTSELAND will not exist . NEVER.
    Zambia forward………

  7. The population of Zambia is a small city in most western countries that have much, much less the land mass that we have. The reason we are still struggling is because we do not have the critical mass to do trade and grow our wealth. Separating into small fiefdoms will only exacerbate the already untenable situation we are faced with. Throw off the political hood of tribe, language and false aspirations and face reality. Let’s move towards integrating more countries into one unit as opposed to splintering the already unworkable ones that currently exist. Bukuba.

    • Actually we should be thinking about One Africa as at present. We should be planning to challenge the US and China on the global stage not small tribes thinking about living in rondavels.

  8. There will be no separation. Zambia is one territory. If we narrow down to the sins of the Lozi, I say , Bring back all the Illa people you needlessly killed after making that canal where you do your kuomboka. Either you choose to go back to South Africa or be Zambians. Also bring back the Soil people, the Kaode people, the Lamba, Swaka, Lenje, Lala you killed and all the people you found piecefully on the Copperbelt.

    • Lets not create unneccessary animosity. We should take Zambia forward. Our ancestors from every Zambian tribe fought for this and we united ourselves to fight off colonisers. We must march forward not backwards

  9. All I forgot, when at Nkana Mine, miners were dyeing from what people called umufwila, something like that; Some sneak that used to blow air underground and killed miners. Bo Lewanika was called by by the Mine Owners to do some cannitation in order to have peace underground. Bo Lewenika failed to stop the sneak.
    Then local people told the Mine owner that this territory did not belong to Bo Lewenika but to Chief Nkana, Whites obliged and found Chief Nkana who went underground and did the incantations. From that date to date the sneak has NEVER appeared and Whits report to Britain.

  10. I have read the BA64, I have also read the Philip MacDonell report on the Lozi-Balovale conflict and I have read the record of debates in the House of Commons on Barotseland. I’ve also studied the Native Authorities Act. The fact that comes out is that Litunga was deceived that he was a King to the extent of Malozi wanting to establish authority beyond his subjects. To succumb to the criminal machinations of these groups will cause civil strife as other tribes will resist Lozi dominance just like there’s no peace in Southern Sudan. My advice to HH is to table all these documents before Parliament for debate with a view to outlaw them permanently such that whoever brings it up would’ve committed treason

    • If we follow History you will find we all came from West Africa. I dont know if you would want us to go back there and settle there. We moved and we should handle the circumstances of the present.

  11. Further, Litunga was coward who was begging for British rule because he couldn’t face his own brothers and other enemies. He accepted to be a British Protectorate and to be ruled by them when other tribes resisted. When the Lozi say KK abrogated the BA64 so they want to revert to the old status, what do they really mean? They want to be colonized again? Did they want KK to create a state within a state? These people are sick together with their sponsors. When they fail politically then they raise the issue of BA64. They keep very quiet when they’re given Government jobs. This trick won’t work this time around

    • @10& 11 Excellent points there!! Even late President RB made same observation that some of those advocating for restoration of Barosteland agreement were quiet when they had government jobs in Levy Mwanawasa’s government but started talking about this issue when RB chose not to re-appoint them!

  12. This is what happens when you trust your en3my more than your own people. Zambians should see through who the real perpetrators are in this mess. We need to unite and not allow history repeat itself. This military audit and befriending of the people responsible for many crimes on our land is the complete opposite of what the freedom fighters and forefathers fought for. We are being setup for insurgency and HH will need the Brazilian and Zambian skills combined to dribble his way out of his friends. The scramble for Africa part 2 is indeed in action. Wake up my people!

  13. There have seen a weak President. The moment he said it if is okay to call Western Province Barotse Land I knew he was poking the Bear. Mr HH can cause a war just because he wants his popularity. He should have let sleeping dogs lie.

    • Africa has had plenty such attempts at splitting: Katanga or Shaba in the DRC, Eritrea and Tigray in Ethiopia, Biafra in Nigeria South Sudan etc. However the bloodshed never leads to progressive revolution. Just go there now: South Sudan and Eritrea are hell on earth


  15. I am ignorant to the details but from lay man’s point of view, if indeed there was an agreement and that agreement has an exit clause, so be it, it must be respected. You cannot continue with a marriage if the other party does not want to be part of it, of course what we don’t know is if it is the minority or majority that want to leave, a referendum would also be helpful in such a case.

  16. Even colonialists knew very well that leaving Barosteland as a separate was NOT going to work and was recipe for civil strife which was going to endanger their own mining interests! Do you think people on the Copperbelt could have accepted to be controlled from Mongu? Even within Western Province where the Ba Lozi (Baroste) are found NOT ALL ethnic groups are in support of such secessionist talk! If we were run a referendum,on the issue within the so called Barosteland boundaries, the secessionists can lose big time!!

  17. Barotse Agreement is nonsense. The only people who benefited out of it were those who were close to King Litunga. No wonder the lowest educated , who surrounded the king, have masters degrees. He made sure that those around him benefited more than a local man. He signed an Agreement with king George to benefit only his children. You come here and talk about its revival? That is hogwash.

    • You cannot ignore them because your en3my will give them arms to fight you. The correct thing to do is to embrace them as brothers and sisters and agree on a system of self governance. Maybe GRZ should consider granting all the provinces limited administrative powers of self governance on the local level. Divide and rule is an old tried and tested method which worked well in the absence of information. Now anyone can check up on the facts at a click of a button. We need to unite and save our country.

  18. Let us have a referendum for all Zambians to decide whether they want the Barotseland to secede from Zambia. BUT before we do that, we need to delineate the TRUE boundaries of Barotseland and not the ones Codrington approximated with Lewanika. We need to exclude the lands that were acquired by Sebitwane after he invaded the Luya kingdom. We also exclude the Nkoyas, the Lundas, the Luvales, the Chokwes, the Mbundas, etc and leave only the Luya alone.

  19. Each time there is a new government, they try their luck again by resurrecting the BA64 issue. This issue needs to be killed and buried once and for all. It is nonsensical & the advocates are a tiny mercenary minded group. How can Barotseland include Northwestern, Copperbelt, Central and Southern provinces!!!

  20. Learn from history, Nigeria with Biafra, India /Pakistan, Isreal/Palestine, China / Taiwan, Sudan etc. You crack they win especially when you go showing off to them that you have the mineral wealth. All these conflicts have one common denominator. You don’t need a masters degree to work out who they are, some call them missionaries and no one cares to ask what their mission is. They claim to have discovered the Victoria falls also known as Mosi-o-tunya in the same way I discovered the Litunga river also known as river Thames in their land.

  21. One zambia one Nation. We’ve been peaceful all this time why start this division now? Sensible Lozies please reason with your fellows

  22. We’ve always been one people despite been of different ethnic groups. It’s always one zambia One Nation. Let’s just continue living in people. Lozi people reason among yourselves please

  23. Was there an agreement? What is meant by the Zambian government abrogating the agreement as captured in the letter? Was there a termination or exit clause? You can not just wake up and say ignore them or do not ignore them if there was a signed contract. Reason why we go to school. I would love Zambia to continue to be Unitary state with Barotseland, but the authority here are the details in the agreement and not our personal wishes.

  24. Ignore those dimwits
    Although there is abundant of natural resources, Barotseland can not stand on its own two legs.
    Even at present situation, there is no progressive development in the province that can convince people that when it become an independent state all will be fine than being part of Mr Zambia… My suggestion > They should just consider establishing a cement manufacturing factory. There is a lot of raw materials available (sand)

  25. This is another hollow request meant to divert attention from the arm chair president who thinks that Zambia must be run on empty promises. The Mbunda’s, of Kaoma, the Luvales the Kaondes of the North West, the Lambas of the Copperbelt etc do not want to be part of the kololo- Luis wild claim. Zambia is a Unitary indivisible state period. These guys will continue to scream all the way to their graves. If Hakainde promised them something in his backyard he should give them part of his homestead.

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