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Mutinta Mazoka dumps UPND


Mutinta Mazoka, the daughter to UPND founder Anderson Mazoka has resigned from the party.

Mutinta was also at the time of her resignation, a member of the party’s National Management Committee, the highest decision making organ of the party.

This is according to a letter dated 8th November, 2022, tendered to the UPND Secretary General Batuke Imenda.

“I am hereby tendering my resignation from the UPND with immediate effect,” read the letter in part.

“I thank you and all the leaders and members of UPND I had the opportunity to work with.”


  1. Many are disillusioned with the turn of things especially Mrs Nalumango’s philosophy of PRICES MUST RISE IN ORDER TO COME DOWN

    • Kikikikikikiki!Im hearing this for the first time! Is this the philosophy? Prices must rise to come down?? Very clever politics eh?

  2. A party that does not listen to anyone. They are all wise such that even when the writing is on the hall, they still justify the wrong. No medince in hospitals, no maize for farmers to plant and no fertiliser hahaha hahaha

  3. It is just normal to move on, nothing is permanent in life, nothing strange here. Resignation is very normal especially in developed countries, it is only in third world countries that politicians cling to parties and positions. Attrition is progressive because it creates room for others. No news here

  4. All Zambians have the freedom of association.
    And it is important to remember that politics is not a career, but indeed a vacation. And since we are all persons, we all have our interests in life and we see wrongs. As a vacation, we go in and try to correct something. Politics must be practised with the sense it deserves. Good politician understand that self-government is endurance of pains and hardships. If those pains and hardships are properly managed, something comes out and may not necessary be good but something that will serve humanity. That is what is called politics.

  5. Everything about this woman is questionable she can not even have her husband’s name in hers…she was just a trogen horse for Fred Mmembe…I mean how do can you be in a Party where your hubby hates everything about it. You wonder how she has remained so long with Fred apart from the titles of his businesses he hides in her name,

  6. If the daughter of the founding father of upnd can take a dump on the party, what does that tell you about this party? Even she can’t stand the mediocrity and tribalism. Well done for making the right decision. You inspire us

    • Mulenga never held a position as high as mutinta does in the upnd. Big difference. Also look at the points in time when they both left their respective parties.

    • There has always been a conflict of interest, she has done well and she needs to work with the husband period. I doubt the decision is based other issues other than trust. The people in UPND cannot trust her especially that her husband is a serious critique and a leader of of an opposition. A good decision from her to leave the party.

    • Iwe Kaizer Zulu, I thought they said you’re behind bars. What are you doing here? Or maybe you’re just an imposter and the real KZ is behind bars? Tell us mwaiche. Who the heck are you?

  7. But why is she still Mutintat Buumba Mazoka? Not even a ka “Mmembe” inbetween her full names? Right here tells you the whole story. Not legally married to Mmembe they are just cohabiting or mere friends. If anyone wants to hit on this lady pls go ahead. Dont even hesitate – this woman is single but staying with a male friend who happens to be a leader of a political party.

    • Your constitution is an amendment of the British one. You are allowed under British law to keep your maiden name in the titles you use. No disrespect to the husband at all. At all.

    • Stop being primitive. Why worry about a person’s failure to conform with colonial practice? The carrying of a husband’s surname is something Africans adopted from the European culture. Copied out of inferiority complexes I must add. Most African cultures give respect to or identify a woman’s marital status by adding her children to her nomenclature.

  8. But anyways, this is for the same reasons why your surname & legacy always dies when the heir to the throne is a woman. Hence there is absolutely no way (in Hell) she was going to carry the Mazoka candle light through. If anyone thot so they wud ve been unfare to her. Also the fact that she is married and that married is just in the Post Newspaper and not on the ground, is a wake up call. What kind of marriage is that? Husband SP , Wife UPND but same house and i doubt its the same bed they sleep on. Surnames: Husband – Mmembe , Wife – Mazoka (and she even got guts to put Buumba in the middle instead of Mmembe) . What a disaster!!!!!!

  9. I often wonder why she is Mutinta MAZOKA and not Mutinta M’MEMBE. Are they telling us something? Is it riding on the father and not riding the husband?

  10. Well her mother Mutinta C Mazoka is a loyal and senior member of the UPND.
    She had been the UPND MP for Pemba constituency for 10 years.
    The mother was nominated as an MP by HH in 2021.
    Mutinta Mazoka Mmeembe wanted to bring confusion to the UPND. She is free to move on.

  11. She did the right thing.
    She has to be with her husband.
    But leaving a party in power to join
    A party which will never rise to power
    Is just waste of time.

  12. The fuss about women and their husband’s names is interesting. Liz Truss should have been called Mrs Liz O’Leary if she wanted to use the husband’s name. I would advocate that more women actually do this. I remotely recall Kalungu Banda being one of those exceptional Zambian men who decided to use his wife’s name in his salutation. Nothing wrong with these combinations… leave Mutinta Mazoka alone.

  13. Mutinta Mazoka Mmembe wanted to stand as an MP under UPND in Monze, Munali and most recently in Kabwata.
    She is politically overambitious.
    Trying too hard to ride on her fathers name. It will end in tears.

  14. She’s taken the right decision to join her husband, ,
    family comes first and I am actually surprised she took this long. Bed time stories will be sweeter cos they now on the same page.


    In the article they wrote about the daughter resigning. But many comments are about the mother.. Can someone rectify this?

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