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UPND says the party respects Mutinta Mazoka’s resignation


Ruling UPND Secretary General Batuke Imenda says the party respects Mutinta Mazoka’s resignation from the party founded by his late father Anderson Mazoka.

Ms. Mazoka, the wife of Socialist Party President Fred M’membe, on Sunday announced her official resignation from the UPND.

She was a member of the UPND supreme body called National Management Committee.

“Confirmation of my departure from the UPND.I have received many messages from different people, all asking me the same question: ‘is it true that you have resigned from the UPND?’To everyone, and responding to these messages, I would like to confirm that I have indeed left the United Party for National Development (UPND). I resigned on 8 November 2022. Beyond this confirmation, I am not available for any media interview. Thank you for your understanding,” she posted on her facebook page.

Mr. Imenda said Ms Mutinta Mazoka decision to resign from the UPND, a party founded by her late father and their political mentor, Mr Anderson Kambela Mazoka, is painful.

He said Ms Mazoka’s contribution to the growth of the UPND, the electoral victory of August 2021, and the moral support will never be erased.

Mr. Imenda said Ms. Mazoka remains a much-loved member of the UPND extended family.

“The decision taken by Ms Mutinta Mazoka, a member of our party’s National Management Committee,to resign from the UPND, a party founded by her late father and our political mentor, Mr Anderson Kambela Mazoka, is highly respected, painful as it may be. Ms Mazoka’s contribution to the growth of the UPND, the electoral victory of August 2021, and the moral support will never be erased in our hearts and minds as a party,” Mr. Imenda said.

“However, her resignation notwithstanding, Ms Mazoka remains a beloved member of the extended UPND family. UPND blood defines our political kinship. We shall continue to accord her that special place within the party, as a daughter of our founding president, and one who executed her duties excellently. So, politically, Ms Mutinta Mazoka has resigned but as a family nothing has changed in our relationship,” he said.

Earlier this year, Ms. Mazoka said so many people have forgotten what his father stood for and died for.

“Time flies. Today marks 16 years since you transitioned. While so many have forgotten what you stood and died for, may today serve as a reminder to those that truly believed in you and your compatriots’ vision for a Zambia that benefited all. You possessed not just the intellect but a true heart for the people. We shall never forget, nor forsake what you and so many died for,” she stated.

Meanwhile, suspended controversial UPND Lusaka District Information and Publicity Secretary Matomola Likwanya has welcomed Ms. Mazoka’s decision to leave the UPND.

Mr. Likwanya said many people have left political parties founded by their parents.

He named Panji Kaunda, Mulenga Sata and Andrew Banda as some of the people who have left political parties founded by their father.

“We have all left our father’s political parties before so Mutinta Mazoka our sister – your move to leave UPND is not new and there is nothing to write home about. Panji Kaunda left UNIP led by his Father Kenneth Kaunda his father and joined MMD, then later PF and now UPND. Andrew Banda left MMD when the father of the president of Zambia and he joined UPND. Mulenga Sata left PF founded by his Father Micheal Sata and joined UPND then came back to join PF then back again to join UPND.You are all free citizens and you are free to make your own political decisions because your political life is not tied to your father’s political achievements,” Mr. Likwanya said.


  1. Yes we know very well Anderson Mazoka , our father and the founder of the UPND. But, Mutinta Mazoka – who is she and what benefit did she bring to the party? In anything she was just causing confusion in our peaceful party. Good riddance mwe. And to be sarcastically frank with you guys “Mutinta Buumba Mazoka” would have never,never ever! dared to join politics should her father, Anderson Mazoka still been alive. This is was a taboo for Mazoka.She only took chances when her father died and her mother could control her as she doesnt listen , the same way she went to marry her Fathers enemy no.1 Fred Mmembe. This is a prodigal daughter naimwe , let her go! If anything Mmember was getting our party intelligency from her and then feed to the PF.

  2. HH is not perfect but one thing for sure, he doesnt make mistakes in appointing suitable people into positions. There is a reason he cornered Cornelius Mwetwa into Southern Province ministry. There is also a reason Mutinta Mazoka was not appointed into any GRZ ministries or position. There is a reason for that and the main one is to keep her away from trouble. Trust me on this. Give Mutinta a position and she is no different from PF stoogies.

  3. Fuseke! What respect do you animals know when you can disrespect and bully the daughter of your founding father. Very f00Iish bunch

  4. Fake reporting. Stop misusing our cultural idioms! Ati “member of the UPND extended family” There’s no such thing outside of the biological families.

  5. You and your limited vocabulary, grow up and move with the times.
    Lean from bakabova who have adjusted to the new phenomenon of competiting on ideas rather than bukelenka, rudeness and insults like a spoilt kid.

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