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Mutinta Mazoka’s leaving UPND must be one of the hardest and most painful decisions she has ever had to make


By Saboi Imboela President- NDC

News broke that the daughter of the founding father of the UPND, the late Anderson Kambela Mazoka, Mutinta Mazoka, left her party. She has been a loyal member of the party and served in the highest organ of the party the National Management Committee.

Many speculations have been thrown around as to why she has left the UPND, the party that her father started from scratch and left with about 47 MPs at the time of his death. He grew the party in a very short period of time and he was a very loved figure as could be seen from the votes he got from all over the country. People today have jobs because of Mutinta’s father’s hard work, even though they are failing to give the daughter a job.

Coming back to the elephant in the room, just the fact that Mutinta Mazoka uses her father’s name and not the husband’s should tell you 2 things. 1. She has a very supportive husband who is not threatened by his wife’s vision and need to protect her father’s legacy and he supports her as she does that. 2. She wants to carry her father’s legacy. A legacy worth preserving and protecting. So leaving UPND must have been one of the hardest and most painful decisions she has ever had to make and not one where she left to just go and support the husband. They have both supported each other very well even from different political parties. So leaving UPND must have everything to do with UPND and not any external forces.

When some UPND people have called her out to leave the UPND and join the husband’s party, all in an effort to stop her from being adopted, I have had the chance to speak with her and talk about how not easy it is to have women that want to preserve their father’s legacies to just change their names or direction easily. And when you have a husband who supports you and respects women the way Dr. Mmembe does, it becomes an easy task. Just look at the Socialist Party structures and adoptions, you will see what I’m talking about. Men like that who support women to help them achieve their best in the political arena and other public spheres will certainly be hypocrites if they did not do that to their own wives. And the good doctor has proved that he is indeed a person that believes in real gender parity right from his house.

So to see Mutinta Mazoka leave UPND, to me does not look like an external but internal issue. Mutinta has aspired for about 3 to 4 times to stand as an MP and they have never picked her, despite the UPND having very few women. They have formed government and there is no sign that good, hard working women like her, Martha Mushipe, Ruth Dante, etc, will be rewarded for their hard work, commitment and also simply qualification for certain posts. If Mutinta was a man, she would probably be a Minister, but lo and behold, the male chauvinism of the UPND is never too far off.

Mutinta had tried to hold on, but it was increasingly becoming clear that she was not respected and recognised for her efforts. And knowing my former party UPND and their grudges and bitterness, I’m sure that her being married to the Socialist Party President also made them dislike her almost the same way they do her husband. They play politics of hate and their articles on their party platforms show just how they hate people that do not belong to their party. And so they must have certainly treated her with the same disdain.

To Mutinta, you have a lot going for you. You can make a very good MP, Minister, Ambassador, etc, and also First Lady of this country. Infact, even a good President. The sky is the limit and know that many of us support you and whatever you decide to do next. We need more women like you in politics and it is very sad that the sexist UPND fails to see all the good that many women like you can bring to the table. You have a very bright future and I pray that you do not slow down but get in the next chapter of your life with Godspeed, grace and a clear understanding of your work and purpose.


  1. Saboi Imboela & the Wailers.You are not the spokesperson for Mutinta.She said she is not yet ready for interviews and press conferences.Dont use Mutinta’s departure for political mileage.We wait to hear from her at her appropriate.She is also my personal friend and I am giving her her space.No need to be theorising when the subject is well and alive

  2. Hee mother was nominated as MP, If anything, her mother being wife to the late Anderson was closer to the formation of the UPND that herself. Clearly Saboi is trying to use Mutinta to fire salvos at UPND and president HH

  3. How come her mother Mutinta C Mazoka did not resign as well?
    Her mother is a senior UPND member who served as an elected MP for Pembe constituency for 10 years.She was nominated as an MP by HH in 2021.
    The problem with Mrs Mmembe is that she is over ambitious and an attention seeker unlike her mother. She wanted to contest as MP for Munali, then the switched to Monze and later on Kabwata. But the party structures rejected her.

  4. Her staying in UPND was a decision reached with membe…………

    To spread their chances of occupying plot one, with membe leading SP and it was hoped the wife leading UPND………..

    Had PF won 2021, the membes stood a good chance of one of them being president in 2026……………

    Only HH has proved to be a formidable leader who is in until 2031………….

    Back to the drawing board for the Membes……….

  5. I’m sure she feels liberated because unlike some people, she does not feel entitled or privileged to demand ownership to a party started by her Father. The attitude in Zambia is that if your father is a minister then the children think they are Ministers too. She’s entitled to follow her heart using her brain. Well done Tinta in showing us that the party your father helped to create is in fact a people’s party and should follow and respect the rules to ensure that it survives the test of time.

  6. That’s the daughter to the late Anderson Mazoka… she had no part to play in the formation of UPND . She wasn’t the wife to the founder. If Mrs Mazoka, the wife was the one leaving UPND, it would be worth talking about!

  7. Nothing strange here. After marriage you follow your husband not your father. The husband is SP so that’s where you are supposed to go.

  8. The bible encoursges women to be submissive to their husbands. Mutinta is not a prosititutes like finamayo fimo. She is a Christian and she understands the binding rules of marriage. In this regard I see no reason why people should be surprised by mutinta’s move and demonstration of being submissive to meembe
    , the husband and start operating within the husband’s vision and plans. She has definitely joined the socialist party as per christian rule of marriage


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