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People in the government system are frustrating President Hakainde Hichilema’s efforts to fight corruption


Ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) official on the Copperbelt Province Chikabala Kaleta has accused some people in the government system of frustrating President Hakainde Hichilema’s efforts to fight corruption.

Mr Kaleta, a member of the UPND mobilisation team in Kalulushi District, says President Hichilema and the New Dawn government have demonstrated political will to fight corruption.

The Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) recently said the fight against corruption would be incomplete and just mere political rhetoric if policy pronouncements by the Government are not supported by affirmative action.

“So far, the Anti-Corruption Commission has seized a lot of properties including cash from some leaders who served in the previous Patriotic Front government. Apart from seizures there has been no conviction so far, making the fight against corruption appear as political persecution. Presently, corrupt practices have simply changed forms, shapes and sizes in the procurement of drugs, farming inputs, motorized transport, school requisites, by-elections and justice system among others. We demand that there be no sacred cows in the fight against corruption,” the Bishops said.

In reaction, Mr. Kaleta said he believes even within the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) there are people impeding the crusade against corruption sparked by the UPND government.

“The political will to fight corruption from the New Dawn government is very clear but there are people in the system that are frustrating government efforts. You have heard President Hakainde Hichilema saying constituency development funds should benefit the local people but there are people with corrupt minds in the system doing the opposite. They are the ones causing even confusion in the utilisation of government resources such as constituency development funds. If you find people in the Procurement Office at Kalulushi Council awarding a project contract in Chambishi to a contractor from Kitwe. You mean the entire Kalulushi has no contractor to work on a simple project at a school like Twashuka in Chambishi? You see how people are disregarding the President’s directive? These are trends that promote corruption. This comes back to the fight against corruption we are talking about,” Mr. Kaleta said.

“He who hunts must kill. When you see the Anti Corruption Commission pounces on someone’s door it is not that they don’t know where they are going. ACC knows where they are going but sometimes it is the approach that makes them appear like they did not know anything. If ACC begins following up matters, citizens want results because if we are fighting corruption, the fight it should not have colour. Corruption should not have a political party; corruption should not have any tribe attached to it. When you are corrupt, when you are taking people’s resources you are an enemy of the people. Once you become an enemy of the people then you should be taken away from the public. That is how it is supposed to be. So when I hear certain things about people being followed they should not cry foul that ACC is following them because they are hated. Once you are in public service you must be accountable for your actions. Allow the law enforcement agencies to investigate you,” he said.

And Mr. Kaleta has said negative sentiments from the opposition can hinder investment flow in the country.

“We are told there are some investors coming to Zambia and this information has reached parliament. In the public sector I guarantee you as promised during campaigns the President will continue delivering employment but in the private sector it requires concerted efforts. Not where the government is trying to preach good policies and then the other camp is trying to sham. That also hinders investment because when we say we are a Christian nation, our core interest as a people is to see Zambia prosper regardless of who seats there. Who knew that Zambia would have many independent Members of Parliament like today? No one knew because at the end of the day it is the people who decide what they want. Between now and 2026 there is enough time where the left side (opposition) should antagonize the government.So even at the Anti Corruption Commission there are some people who regardless of what the President says will do the opposite,” Mr. Kaleta said.


  1. When i say that upnd is a failed project… praise singers get up set. One year plus they still don’t know what to do with KCK and MCM to make matters waste ..mines are on tax holiday. The current leadership are just puppets

  2. When i say that upnd is a failed project… praise singers get up set. One year plus they still don’t know what to do with KCK and MCM to make matters waste ..mines are on tax holiday. The current leadership are just puppets
    A good excuse confirms failure.


  4. I think the Author is missing one important point.The biggest problem why President HH will find it hard to fight corruption is he himself has not come out clean on declaring his assets and his interest in these foreign companies that are doing business with government.we have this recently flagged Grant Thornton issue with Auditing the ministry of defence,this is the company he has had shares and was involved in under pricing of sale of state properties

    • What’s that got to do with fightig corruption? You want to see his assets go to ECZ…its all there verified by the former govt, say he has had shares meaning he doesnt have shares now…which state properities were underpriced and during which govt?

  5. His story on how he got rich does not inspire anyone. His riches have not been explained . His troops in the civil services believe he using his position at Grant Thornton he took advantage of the loop holes in the privitisation process to get rich. How did he get the Livingstonia hotel? How did he get the thousands of cattle he owns. And all the shares he has in several companies? Why is he not openly declaring his assets? The civil servants probably do not trust him and hence do not trust his fight against corruption.

    • Sean Tembo’s article on the Securities act amendments may sound nonsensical but it has some points eg the relationship the president has with companies like African Life… I am sure he’s being cautious lest he’s sued…. there is a big difference between being detained by the clueless ZP and being sued by a well oiled company.

  6. Why do people still believe in fiction… KK told us of the unseen enemy within…FTJ etc did the same. Surely this man Kateka knows who these people are since he knows what is going on. So why not tell the president like Elisha Matambo or whomever it may be is frustrating the fight against corruption. Like I said this government will rule by excuses.

  7. Give us an open book declaration of your assets ,how and when u got them Sir. We will have no problem working with you. At the moment we still do not believe your story of how you got so rich.

  8. Stop blaming civil servants …more than one year in govt still making excuses…are you going to blame others for Forest 27 when the President can reverse it himself with the stroke of his pen.

    • I heard him say he has given PF cadres and others who are surprised to find themselves in important positions in the civil service enough time to accept his vision.He is now talking about getting rid of rgidities in attaining his development goals after stabilising the economy.We should now be seeing his boots

  9. Zambians tasted corruption and they became admirers of it. Zambians must see the benefits of genuine hard work exceed those from corruption. The government has an obligation to ensure the country regains its moral compass.

  10. Real investors will come if they see we are at peace with each other. You are trying too hard to please the people who put you in power not knowing that they are controlling you to get to your resources. They have the perfect man who will execute their plans in our president. KK understood these people very well and used a mix of strategies to preserve our country. We can only hope that HH knows what he’s dealing with.

    • The only person frustrating HH is HH himself. You need to articulate your plans and vision well and assemble a team capable of delivering. What we are seeing so far are unilateral decisions made by you with little or no consultation.

  11. He thought running a nation was like running his animal farm. He came on a platform of lies and now lies are haunting him. He is now in an illusional Champions League. Government needs proper vision and focus not chipantepante. Everything is failing. FISP,Exchange Rate are all failing under his leadership.What a failure he is!! He has made mistakes that PF used to make of appointing cadres in sensitive ministries. He needs to fire BOZ governor. The man is not a manager but University of Zambia lecturer.

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