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26-year-old James with tumor on his neck receiving assistant


26-year-old James Mwape Mwangulu of Lusaka who has been living with a tumor on his neck for four years, now has some hope of undergoing an operation as institutions have come on board to ensure that he receives the medical treatment he requires.

Thirty Fourteen Foundation, and HOT FM Founder Member Douglas, said that James has been living with the tumor on his neck for about four years now, which has made it very difficult for him to breathe or eat properly, especially eating solid food hence, depending mostly on fluids.

Mr Namafente mentioned that he came to know about James from the shop where he works from in Kabwata, as he was passing, he noticed James’s condition and he took interest in knowing more about him, this prompted him to approach James to get more information about his neck condition and if at all he has been receiving any medical treatment.

Speaking in an interview on HOT FM Red Hot Breakfast Show, Mr Namafente said after approaching James, he explained to Mr Namafente that the tumor on his neck started as a small pimple which began to grow to what it is today.

He said that after knowing about James’s condition, he initially just thought of posting his condition on his Facebook page instead shared with HOT Media House Executive Chairman Oscar Chavula who thought through the whole process and contributed, and after posting on his Facebook and seeing people’s reactions through comments enquiring more about his condition, he was therefore encouraged to follow up on James medical history and treatment, as a way of getting more information on which hospital he had previously gone to, if at all his receiving any medication and also to find out the cost of his operation.

Mr Namafente explained that after following the trail of his medical history, he ended up at the Ministry of Health where he discovered that James’s name was listed at the Ministry to be evacuated to India to receive his medical treatment under government sponsorship though it’s not quite clear as to when he will be able to be evacuated.

He added that because of his name being listed at the Ministry, they are currently working on putting in place all the necessary travel documents for James such as the passport which he hopes will be collected today, yellow fever card and COVID-19 certificate in readiness for his evacuation to India, which they are hopeful will happen very soon.

“Seeing James in this condition wasn’t easy for me because am able to smile, eat and do what someone out there is unable to do and this really touched me, hence feeling the need to help him,” he said

Mr Namafente described James as cool guy who is very humble with a strong character that despite his condition, he still wakes up in the morning to go to work and fend for himself, despite living with his elder brother who is not in the capacity to help him through life especially with the condition that he is currently in, James therefore needs medical help as this will assist him to get back on his fit as a man and be able to continue working and doing what he does.

“James has a full grade 12 certificate and his willing to further his studies and education,” he noted

And speaking on the same interview James said that because of the tumor on his, he is unable to speak and eat properly, as he mostly depends on fluids, adding that the tumor tends to be itchy especially when it’s hot.

Meanwhile, HOT Media House Executive Chairman Oscar Chavula stated that there’s a lot of money needed for James to undergo this medical treatment, adding that they have to start from somewhere, as it might be easy to ask other people to do it but it has to start with them.

“My concern is on how we as a people have not done anything about James when everytime am abroad and watching TV I see these numbers popping up and trying to help us Africans and I always wonder as to why is that we never do things for ourselves because as a people we ought to be moved by ourselves, to do things for ourselves, and James is one of our own so, as a group I sat with the rest of the team just to discuss on how best we can be able to help him,” he said

“We have decided to start ourselves; we will be able to give a 10 thousand Kwacha towards his plight and other logistics, and our initial contribution is coming from HOT FM, Kwithu FM, Ziswa Plus, and Kazadi Films,” he added

Mr Chavula has since challenged all the listeners on HOT FM and other cooperating partners to come on board to assist James, because as much as they have contributed something for him, everybody should come on board for James.

“After he undergoes the operation, as a group we will continuously monitor his progress,” he said

Some contributions have since started coming through, into the HOT FM line +260974870877, and as at press time Mporokoso Member of Parliament and Patriotic Front Presidential Aspirant Hon. Brian Mundubile Contributed 10,000 Kwacha

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