Statement by Gilbert Liswaniso that there are no jobs for UPND members is a lie

UNITED Party for National Development(UPND) National Youth Chairperson Gilbert Liswaniso

The Citizens First Spokesperson Mwanawina Kwibisa says that the statement made by the United Party for National Development – UPND National Youth Chairperson Gilbert Liswaniso that there are no jobs for their Party members is a lie.

Mr Kwibisa explained in an interview on Millenium TV that Mr Liswaniso saying that there are no jobs for UPND cadres is falsehood, because UPND members are Zambians who don’t deserve to be pushed aside.

“Even the Bible says that do unto others, as you would want them to do unto you, and love others as you love yourself, so, is the UPND now telling us that they are now with you who did not go to the terences and dungeons with them, Liswaniso is now speaking like he wants to massage Zambians who can see, because this is like depriving your own child from eating chicken in preference to the neighbour’s child so that you show off,” he said

He has since called on all UPND members to join the Citizens First Party as they are citizens who will have an equal share once they join their party as money will begin to circulate amongst them, just like the strict policies in other cultures where even One Dollar cannot move from their society for instance one will move from Woodlands to Makeni just to buy bread from someone within their culture as way of showing support to their business, support mechanism is very important.

“Citizens First is open and nobody should, and everyone should come on board to give ideas, UPND cadres and women should also come on board, the bus is getting full but everyone will surely find a seat, we also have reserve seats for all the Ministers serving under UPND as they will be treated with honour and dignity,” he mentioned

And Mr Kwibisa disclosed that the late delivery of farming inputs is a disaster which needs all hands on deck, and the President was supposed to state that they are late with the deliveries because of logistical challenges hence, the involvement of Army personnel to assist with the distribution.

Mr Kwibisa mentioned that the situation in Katete was a violation of human rights because the suspects who were arrested were being beaten by the Police even when they were not resisting arrest, adding that this country will be ungovernable if the Police are allowed to carry out instant justice.

The United Party for National Development – UPND National Youth Chairperson Gilbert Liswaniso said in an interview on Millenium Radio that Party members should not feel entitled and feel they are going to be given preference during the recruitment processes in various sectors.

Mr Liswaniso disclosed that a number of UPND members have been left out on government appointments because the process was for all Zambians and therefore preference was not given to UPND only.

He added that while the UPND members had a right to complain about being left out in recruitment and employment in government jobs, it was important for members to know that all citizens were entitled to being offered jobs irrespective of their political affiliation.

Mr Liswaniso advised that the UPND youths should not agitate about destroying the party on account that they did not get jobs in government or were left out in the recruitment in various government security wings.

“I know some of our members feel left out but this is a deliberate move because as long as they are Zambians, their time will surely come, they should just be patient,” Mr Liswaniso said

He noted that although the UPND had neglected its members, the ruling party was trying to do away with the tendency of giving their members jobs at the expense of Zambians who gave them the mandate to govern.


    • Zambia is for all Zambians, except for political appointments which must logically be a preserve for the Party in Administration, the UPND!

  1. Gilbert Liswaniso is just being truthful & honest, he must be commended. What is Mwanawina Kwibisa defending and how does this bible reading relate to the whole subject. Just the other day another UPND chap was displaying fooolish reasoning & statements as to why Muntinta Mazoka resigned from UPND, which don’t add up. . At times times the best is to keep Zeeee !!

  2. What Mr. Liswaniso said is the right thing unlike what this Citizens first spokesman is trying to portray. To assume that because i was in the forefront campaigning for the ruling party or that i suffered with them during the time they were in opposition should not be a guarantee that you wall be given preferential treatment when it comes to being employed. So you expect when the government puts up advertisement for jobs to state that being a UPND member or having had struggled with the ruling party is an added advantage. Zambia is for all Zambians because even non UPND members played a very big role in ensuring this is voted into power. Doing so would be a form of corruption itself like was the case during the PF rule. These people should not just sit there and complain let them…

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