2 Chalala ‘abductors’, ‘rapists’ appear in court facing 53 charges


FOLLOWING their arrest in October this year, the two suspects accused of abducting 13 young women appeared in court facing over 50 charges.

On October 3, police arrested and charged James Mulenga and Mathews Sikaonga over alleged aggravated robbery, abduction, rape and assault allegations.

The duo is believed to be behind the abduction of mobile money agents and female student nurses at a named college in Chilanga.

On October 3 this year, after a long search, the 13 young women were later discovered in Lusaka’s Chalala while the perpetrators fled.

Quick action by police, the following day, led to the apprehension of the accused in Nkeyema, Western Province.

Mulenga and Sikaonga , both 22, appeared before magistrate Trevor Kasanda facing 53 counts of rape, assault, prohibition of trafficking in persons and aggravation robbery involving over K100, 000.

On the 53 counts committed between January and October this year, 26 are aggravated and assault charges, 13 prohibition of trafficking offences, 12 rape charges and one abduction offence.

In the aggravated robberies offences, the unemployed suspects allegedly stole an assortment of goods, mostly thousands of kwacha and phones from their female victims.

For, the prohibition of trafficking in persons charge, it is alleged that the duo, intentionally and unlawfully trafficked in their 13 female victims within Zambia to the purpose of sexual exploitation.

Magistrate Kasanda readout the 53 charges to the accused, who appeared calm.

The suspects are represented by defence lawyers Maggy Mulenga and Osbourne Ngoma.

The magistrate then informed the accused that some of the offences they face cannot only be tried by the High Court.

Senior State advocate Bob Mwewa said the prosecution had not yet received instructions from the Director of Public Prosecutions to have the accused committed to the High Court for trial.

The case was adjourned to December 12 this year for mention and possible committal to the High Court.

The accused cannot go home because some of the charges they are facing are no bailable.


  1. These are well known upnd members. Watch how this case will die out. Meanwhile here I am locked up for flimsy charges

  2. This report is false. The young man who raided the kidnappers’ home is not mentioned. Is the article edited by police hq? Lies everywhere.
    Ati: On October 3 this year, after a long search, the 13 young women were later discovered in Lusaka’s Chalala while the perpetrators fled.

    • That’s because the young man’s story does not add up and no he didnt raid the place…he came in when one of the girls escaped and called him for help.

  3. Again very poor police work …how can two boys kidnap “a classroom of girls” take turns in abusing them, feed them for three months …what was the motive? Were the girls in it on this scam? What of the money that was stolen what was it used for?

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