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Zambia Army officers urged to venture in income generating activities


Zambia Deputy Army commander and Chief of staff Major General Geoffrey Zyeele has urged Army officers to be proactive and venture in income-generating activities in the years to come.

Maj.Gen Zyeele said businesses will help the officers become self-reliant and ease some of the many challenges being faced at the garrison.

The Deputy Army commander and Chief of staff said this at Kalewa Garrison Officers’ mess Annual ball 2022 in Ndola last night.

Maj. General Zyeele encouraged the officers to be professional, and vigilant and uphold high levels of discipline as they conduct their day-to-day duties.

He encouraged them to strive for the Zambia Army vision 2025 of being a professional modern army that is capable of preserving national and global peace and security.

The Deputy Army Commander further urged officers to stay away from engaging in partisan politics and be loyal to the government of the day.

He added that those who want to participate in politics should resign and join politics as they have free will, adding that the command will not condone officers being involved in politics while dressed in uniform and earning a government salary.

Maj.Gen Zyeele has also encouraged the officers to embrace the reading culture in order to improve their knowledge and skills as it will enable them to perform well in their various positions.

The Deputy Commander said the Ministry is aware of the challenges being faced by Officers that require urgent attention saying that some of the challenges will be addressed in the coming year.

And Regimental Commander 17 Cavalry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Shepherd Pendapo thanked the command for the effort made to improve the welfare of officers through the promotion of officers based on their long service.

Lt Col. Pendapo appreciated the Command for helping improve the water situation at Kalewa garrison through the ongoing project of sinking commercial boreholes.

And president of Mess, Major Clever Mwamba said through contributions by the members and fundraising ventures, the mess officers managed to carry out several projects such as the improvement of water reticulation within the mess premises and the officers’ quarters.


  1. Army personel must remain professional armies.They must never be encouraged to become businessmen and expose them to bankruptsy.A bankrupt armed man can be vicious,especially when demanding payment for debt owed

    • So insulting.
      I can fire it. It is treason to say that army are under paid.
      Officers will spend their days in markets selling utujirijiri.

    • They chose the military not business; how can people remain professional if they have to worry about feed for their chicken?

  2. What a f00l15h thing to say. You have never experienced military rule that’s why you come out with these careless statements. Army officers carry real power and please stop mocking our brave soldiers because as things stand, they care about our country more than our useless politicians. No needs for our brave soldiers to venture in income generating activities, that’s the job of our politicians.

  3. Soldiers are professionals please stop encouraging them to venture into other activities if you can not ay them enough…you want everyone in the barracks to in business?

  4. Anyway people have kept saying the entire civil service is corrupt so the army is just being advised to join in. The DRC has a very weak disorganized army because of this lack of ethos. We are following

    • Its this mindset that causes Generals to award themselves or their relatives army contracts as they too want to do somethiing on the side. Taking on Lazy Lungu’s advice of “ubomba mwibala alya mwibala”.

  5. HH fire this general!
    Maj.Gen Zyeele said businesses will help the officers become self-reliant and ease some of the many challenges being faced at the garrison. Iyeeee

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