Dormant Construction Industry worries union

There is a boom in the construction industry in LusakaHere a new building building being constructed near the Addis Ababa round about in Lusaka

The National Union of Building Engineering and General Workers (NUBEGW) has regretted the dormancy in the construction industry this year.

NUBEGW General Secretary Edgar Siwila says the inactivity in the construction sector has extensively affected the workers who depend on the industry for survival.

He  noted  that inactivity in the sector has also affected the union which has recorded a slump in membership resulting in a drop in revenue and operations.

Mr. Siwila in an interview on Monday appealed to government to escalate funding for projects in the construction industry in 2023.

“ My union is concerned about the lack of funding to major projects funded by the government with many projects stalling, “ he said.

Mr. Siwila said he is hopeful that the inactivity in the sector will change positively in 2023 following the audit and payments made towards a number of projects that had outstanding balances.

And Mr. Siwila has revealed that his union, working in collaboration with the Association of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors, an umbrella body for building and civil engineers in Zambia, have managed to negotiate for a nine percent salary increment for unionised workers in various construction companies.


  1. Not only construction industry, but the whole country. Money earned by the sector supported super markets, marketeers, farmers, carders and general populance.

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