Friday, February 23, 2024

CEEC disburses K90m to markeeters


The Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) has disbursed over 90 million Kwacha to 32 thousand marketeers across the country.

CEEC Public Relations and Communications Manager, Michelo Mukata has disclosed that the Commission has so far received over 85,000 applications under the marketeer booster loans which accounts for 94 percent of the total number of applications country wide.

He said the Commission has started disbursing the marketeer booster loans and targets to empower over 75,000 marketeers across the country.

Mr Mukata told ZANIS in a telephone interview today that each marketeer is expected to be receiving funds amounting from one thousand five hundred kwacha to five thousand kwacha respectively.

He said there was an upward and downwards adjustments made in terms of the loan amount for the applicants so that the Commission can finance more people.

“Initially the target was ten thousand marketeers’ country wide, to a tune of twenty-one million nine hundred thousand kwacha, but following due diligence and provision of threshold, we have found ourselves likely to distribute to more marketeers due to the adjustments in terms of how much each person can access,” he said.

He added that the disbursement is still on-going for the marketeer booster loans and other packages which the commission is yet to evaluate.

Mr Mukata further said the Commission remains committed to undertaking the evaluations and disbursements to enable the creation of sustainable businesses and empowerments of targeted citizens and companies.

Mr Mukata has implored the recipients of the funds to responsibly utilize the money and create workable businesses to enable them pay back the monies so that others can benefit.

Meanwhile, he has called on the applicants to visit the nearest CEEC offices and verify their details saying some of the applicants had put incorrect numbers.


  1. Giving out K1,500 and making noise about it. Go and ask your Bally. He promised us K50, 000. So what is this nonsense bout K1,500???


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