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PF will move a motion to impeach President Hichilema if he proceeds to sell the Gulfstream jet


Patriot Front national chairman Davies Chama has said that PF members of parliament will move a motion to impeach President Hakainde Hichilema if the current Head of State and the UPND government proceed to sell the Gulfstream jet that was procured during the Edgar Lungu led PF regime.

Speaking during an interview, Chama explained that it will be unconstitutional for President Hichilema and his Cabinet to sell the Gulfstream jet, saying that the UPND administration would be breaching the law by selling the said aircraft without adherence to Constitutional issues that the Head of State had sworn to preserve and protect.

“It’s not about me being a former Defence Minister but it is the issue of Constitutionality. The Republican Constitution under Article 210(10) clearly prescribes how state assets or public assets are supposed to be disposed off. And during his inauguration in Heroes Stadium, the current President did swear that he is going to preserve and protect the Republican Constitution. He also pledged to promote the rule of law,” Chama said. “So by virtue of not adhering to the provisions of the law and the supreme law of the land, which is the Constitution, President Hakainde Hichilema will be committing an illegality. And definitely the Patriot Front members of parliament will soon be moving a motion to impeach the Head of State for abrogating the Constitution. So whatever they are trying to do is illegal because that jet does not belong to President Hakainde Hichilema, but it is a state asset. Already here in the Southern African region we have an impeachmentt process that has been commenced against South African President Cyril Ramaphosa for alleged breach of the Constitution in that country. So there’s nothing that would stop PF members of parliament from taking a similar route.”

But reminded that the UPND administration is contemplating to sell the Gulfstream jet because it is alleged that it was fraudulently procured by the Edgar Lungu PF-administration in which Chama served as Defence minister, Chama, said that the Patriot Front government followed all the laid down procedures, and that is why the UPND administration is “failing to move on supersonic speed to pursue people that might have been involved in the procurement of the said Gulfstream jet.

“Do you know these UPND fellas very well? If there were any irregularities in the procurement of that state asset, the UPND government would have moved at a supersonic speed to pursue this matter. But they have realised that the PF followed all legal proceedures where adherence to the procurement process of the Gulfstream jet,” said Chama.

He said that if President Hichilema is not comfortable with the usage of the Gulfstream jet, he should not sell it but leave it for usage by his successive Heads of State.


  1. PF followed all the laid down procedures in procuring the Gulfstream jet. Cham is telling lies as Zambians were not consulted if the purchase of the jet was more important that the suffering Zambians endured under PF regime. What was the value of the jet when Zambians were made to believe that hospitals without medicines was normal, load shedding for days was normal, thefts and wanton raping of Zambian resources by few PF ministers and thugs were boasting and competing among themselves who has stolen more in PF government. So, Zambians were not consulted on the purchase of the jet only used by Edgar Lungu and his cronies including drug barons. Begin the impeachment process and Zambians will be in the streets in multitudes to counter your move and now PF will be without guns to kill…

  2. Enough is enough. Let us come together for the good of the nation and get rid of this privatisation thief hh. Today over 200 upnd supporters have defected to pf.

  3. Why should a bunch of PF criminals dictate to the party in power UPND on how to manage national assets?
    The PF never consulted parliament when they bought the gulf stream jet at double the market price.
    The PF criminals never even got parliamentary approval when they acquired a crippling $19 billion in foreign debt.
    They shut up and patiently wait for their court cases

  4. Impeachment in Zambia is a joke, instead your constituents are going hungry because you didn’t deliver on the contracts you gave yourselves as PF.

  5. This President is a pretender. He pretends to hate all that pf started but has been going to commission the same projects gotten at” high cost”.
    He condemns the new KK airport and Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe airport but flies from the same airports when he goes globe trotting. His minister of Transport was baffled to see what a marvel the airports are. We know deep down he is impressed by the facilities that the new jet has. He will miss this jet one day and wish he had not sold it.

  6. Again PF wasting time on pointless issues meanwhile cadres are being placed in influential positions and you are worried about a Jet that is hardly used and was acquired corruptly.

  7. We thought the gulf stream jet was the property of ZAF? Please sell it with the other jets and helicopters too because we are peaceful country and therefore are not needed. This is village mentality…leave the presidential office better than you found it. Maybe this president should forefeit all his presidential perks because clearly he does not need them. Hand it over to Zambia Airways so that they can make good use of it.

  8. MMMM but the Jet is nice just looking at it i dont think it be sold at 20m dola mmmmm keep it this is zambian asset because even if it was sold money which will be raised out of the sale will again go missing.Look at what we have sold, were is the money kwena mmmmmm

  9. MMMM but the Jet is nice just looking at it i dont think it can be sold at 20m dola mmmmm keep it this is zambian asset because even if it was sold money which will be raised out of the sale will again go missing.Look at what we have sold, were is the money kwena mmmmmm

  10. You go to some other countries they laugh at you,no time of going backwards and you say foward no backwards.mmmmmm ni dununa reverse at work kkkk ala iwee mmmmm kkkk zakanama days.

  11. $200 million for a jet that should cost between $35 to $50 million ???

    PF Are only afraid of uncovering the industrial scale looting that went on when the topic of this jet is brought for debate………..

  12. Why didn’t the same PF impeach lungu when he bought the same jet at 4 times the amount without even following tender procedure?

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