Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Hichilema in Chipata to commission new one stop border post


President Hakainde Hichilema has arrived in Mambwe district in Eastern Province enroute to Chipata district to commission the Mwami/Mchinji one stop border post.

The presidential jet carrying the President landed in Mambwe at Mfuwe international airport at 10:15 hours this morning.

The Head of State was welcomed by Eastern Province Minister, Peter Phiri, some District Commissioners and party officials.

The President has since flown to Chipata by a helicopter where he and his Malawian counterpart, Lazarous Chakwera, are expected to commission the K160 million Mwami/Mchinji one stop border post.

The one stop border post is expected to enhance Zambia’s trade with neighbouring Malawi and facilitate the efficient processing of the movement of goods, people and general trade transactions among others.

The construction of the Mwami-Mchinji one stop border post project was financed by the African Development Bank (AfDB).


  1. Well done HH you spent all your enginuity to think about opening the country through the creation of one border posts, Wait a minute? Hakainde you are doing well to complete the projects started by your predecessors right. So there was something good about the previous regime? But you made us believe that there was nothing good and you shanned all state or national events? laughable isnt it. The next leader of our great nation should learn a lot from your strange opposition leadership. Development is incremental. You will do your part and leave.

  2. So he used the Challenger to Mfuwe and then used a Helicopter to Mwami/Muchinji border post. Why didn’t he just use the Presidential Chopper all the way to the border post? Madness indeed

    • Ben You are so right
      Brainless and Petty more to the point
      None care about Zambia its all about PF losing and try to discredit everything

    • @Ben, we are so brainless that we cannot even send Eastern Province Minister who does not need fly Chipata because he lives there to go and commission a border. Wait for the pictures at see HH is wasting tax payer money’s for. @Tikki who cares about Zambia the one who has failed to distribute farming inputs to date but has been global trotting? Being petty is to go and open a very small border as big as he supposed to be.

  3. The Man has no shame commissioning projects left by the same people he is calling 2026 we are going to commission community house because that will be the only thing that we are going to remember this UPND government

    • @Angoni, The money has always belonged to the Zambian people. Lungu never built anything from his own pocket. These are ZAMBIAN not PF or Lungu projects. If HH was commissioning a PF Secretariate, built with PF money, then yes, you could condemn him. The Kariba Dam was built by the British, but aren’t Zambians proud of it? If not, why do we complain when there is load shedding from a colonial structure?

  4. The British and BSAC built Kariba Dam, Chirundu Beit bridge, Kafue bridge, Vic Falls bridge. We should be thankful. In 27 years UNIP built Lusaka International airport, UNZA, Evelyn Hone college, CBU, schools, UTH, etc- we should be thankful. In 20 years MMD built Cancer hospital, dismatled the debt, we should be thankful. In 20 years PF started to build but didn’t finish because they kept stealing money.

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