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Courts Must Check Dictatorial Practices Emerging In Parliament Under Speaker Mutti


The National Assembly of Zambia is extending its dictatorial tendencies to excluding members of the public from participating in its deliberations, Governance Activist Isaac Mwanza has charged.

Mr Mwanza who made submissions supporting President Hichilema’s appointment of Mwaangala Zaloumis and McDonald Chipenzi as Commissioners of the Electoral Commission of Zambia and rejecting elevation of Ali Simwiinga as Vice Chairperson has been excluded by the National Assembly from making oral testimony before the Select Committee.

Mr Mwanza had written to Parliament on 29th November, 2022 to allow him to participate in the legislative process of ratifying the Commissioners and the Committee had not yet started receiving oral testimonies of witnesses.

Mr Mwanza said the unconstitutional decision by the Select Committee to exclude him flies in the teeth of Article 89(2) of the Constitution of Zambia which requires participation and access to Committees.

Article 89(2) of the Constitution reads:

“89.(2) The National Assembly or a parliamentary committee shall not exclude the public or media from its sittings, unless there are justifiable reasons for the exclusion and the Speaker informs the public or media of the reasons.”

Mr Mwanza expressed shock that the National Assembly of Zambia can decide to exclude him from participating in the process for no justifiable reasons.

“It is clear the National Assembly has already taken a position on the persons appointed and they will be rubberstamping the appointment with less scrutiny. This is bad for our constitutional democracy because the essence of parliamentary scrutiny is to check on every detail available with the public that makes the nominees constitutionally suitable or not suitable for appointment,” he said

Mr Mwanza said he will engage both the Speaker whom Article 89 of the Constitution vests with the duty to explain his exclusion as well as the Attorney General before he can decide whether to take the matter to Court or not as the actions of the National Assembly contravene the Constitution.


  1. Eeeishh, KZ still on bed rest, he needs to appear in court and police should not be hoodwinked by this criminal evil man. Divorced Tayali is pre-empting that KZ should not be killed – my foot, its not worthy, a criminal needs to be caged for public safety and peace in the nation.

  2. The police should also give us an update on how far they have gone in investigating the alleged embezzled money of UKAid by local governance NGOs

  3. What makes this PF cadre posing as activist think courts can check Nellie mutti when they never used to check patrick matibini.

  4. It is very suprising to see how the law is beeing broken especiaaly the constitution of the republic ,and civil societies are quiet and enjoying a cup of coffee with the pepetrators of the same.Kindly can we have patrotic zambians because this will soon cause our future generation.We have people today who are stingy and just thinking about themselves and nothing else no wonder they doesnt care about the rule of law and the constitution.Does it mean we have people in govt who have not read and understand the constitution?IKONA MEN

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