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The government committed to developing the Arts industry


The government says it remains committed to promoting the Art industry as it is proving to be a growing source of employment to many Zambians.

Kaoma District Commissioner Sheba Muyambango explained that people should not only be limited to look for white collar jobs when there are other opportunities in the Arts industry to earn a living through talents.

Ms Muyambango was speaking in Kaoma at the Lusaya Movie Premiere local production, the first of its Kind in Western Province.

She stated that government has demonstrated its commitment through the K10, 000 grant that was given to Lusaya Movie Productions.

“This first ever movie that has been produced in Kaoma has put Western Province on the map, the province should not be one of the poorest provinces when we have an enormous wealth of talent that can be tapped into,” she said.

The District Commissioner called on youths to apply for empowerment through the Constituency Development Funds (CDF) so as to better their livelihood.

And a renowned Zambian Actress Violet Walubita popularly known as Dainess called on upcoming actors and actresses to persevere.

Ms. Walubita advised the young ladies not to allow sexual exploitation if they are to excel in the industry adding that a number of actresses died because they allowed abuse.

And Lusaya Film Director Mike Walubita appealed to well-wishers to help finance the Lusaya productions.

He has since thanked government for the financial support rendered through a K10, 000 grant given under CDF.


  1. If well harnessed the arts industry can provide well-paying jobs for artists and support staff. However, this is the most disorganized sector due to the greed and mediocrity of the players. My call is for Mumba Kapumpa to come back to the arts and help reorganize. Since he did the ZANTAA Constitution as one of the pioneers of arts in Zambia, performing arts have seen a downward trend that now it’s confined to solo works by either comedy or music. Some chaps even thought of selling the Lusaka Playhouse car park! Zambia lacks script writers since the days of Light Musonda. Nollyhood is a serious industry and it pains me to see those poor works on air. Why should we allow SA’s DSTv to lead the way? What kind of people are we?

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