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Stance taken by Zambia to fight corruption is worth supporting-Basel Institute


The Basel Institute on Governance says the stance taken by Zambia to fight corruption is worth supporting.

Basel Institute of Governance President Peter Maurer said that Zambia through its Anti-Corruption Commission has shown commitment to fight the vice.

The Basel Institute of Governance held a meeting with the Anti-Corruption Commission Board Chairperson Musa Mwenye, State Counsel on the sidelines of the 2022 International Anti-Corruption Conference in Washington, DC United States of America.

Mr Maurer stated that there is no doubt that Zambia needs to be supported for showing willingness to fight corruption and protect public resources.

“We are very encouraged by the determination and the recognition of the complicity of the ACC Chairperson (Musa Mwenye). And we are very much enthusiastic to continue with the cooperation to support the fight against corruption,” Mr Maurer said

And the Anti Corruption Commission Board Chairperson Musa Mwenye said that the meeting was productive and highlighted key areas of asset recovery.

“The fight against corruption must and include to address all the loopholes that those who abuse the trust and steal from the Zambian people can hide assets, and this is the truth of all jurisdictions, The Basel Institute is key in building our capacity and also helping us in asset tracing. The cooperation of the ACC and the Basel Institute will continue to be strengthened,” Mr Mwenye said

The 20th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC), the world’s largest independent global forum to fight corruption, is being held in Washington D.C. United States of America (USA). The IACC 2022 has been organised by the International Anti-Corruption Conference Council and Transparency International, in partnership with Transparency International U.S.

This year’s conference focused on the theme “Uprooting Corruption, Defending Democratic Values” and comes at a time in which corruption poses the most serious threat to the global order in decades. The conference has provided a timely platform for discussion and action on critical threats, such as the compounding impacts of global corruption on the human, economic and social consequences of the COVID-19 how corruption slows meaningful progress to address the climate crisis, the the rise of kleptocratic and authoritarian regime, and the weakening of democracies across the world-particularly in the context of the invasion of Ukraine and several humanitarian crisis across the world.

As the first and largest anti-corruption gathering in the world, for almost four decades the International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) has united all sectors and movements behind the most serious global corruption challenges. This year’s conference has taken place at a crucial point in history. Facilitating intelligence-sharing and game-changing partnerships, it will push anti-corruption efforts to the forefront of the global agenda and boost responses to the most pressing shared threats.

Delia Ferreira Rubio, Chair of Transparency International, said that “From the pandemic to the aggression of kleptocratic regimes and the growing impact of climate change, there is no way to resolve the biggest problems facing the world today without addressing corruption first. This year’s IACC takes place at a critical moment in the fight against corruption as governments around the world renew their focus to anti-corruption efforts–introducing new commitments, launching new anti-money laundering directives and recognizing corruption as a core security concern. This year, the IACC will convene global leaders to determine how we harness the power of this moment to address corruption now and in the future.”
Heads of state, business leaders, major international financial institutions, civil society organizations and journalists from over 140 countries will assess how to respond to key global challenges in which corruption plays a central role, including the climate crisis, democratic integrity, global security and the influence of dirty money on economic and political systems.


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