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Nawakwi should use her MPs if she wants to impeach HH – Hamasaka


State House Media Director Clayson Hamasaka says Forum for Democracy and Development – FDD Leaders Edith Nawakwi should use her party Members of Parliament if she wants to impeach President Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr Hamasaka mentioned that Ms Nawakwi had the right to call for the removal of the President but within the law, adding that if she thinks she can impeach President Hichilema she could use her party Members of Parliament, which of course she does not have.

“She wants HH to go now so let her within the law, let her use her MPs or whichever MPs to remove HH within the law, that’s why I am saying let her use her Mps, her MPs I don’t know, they could be PF MPs or whatever which Mps, tell Nawakwi to tell her MPs to impeach HH,” Mr Hamasaka said

Hamasaka said that even assuming that President Hichilema where to go today there would be no elections according to the constitution.

“So the entire government should just be dissolved, the Vice-President, Ministers just dissolved, let go, to go for early elections so that Nawakwi should come in? saying Zambians were the ones who elected leaders,” Mr Hamasaka wondered

In responding to Ms Nawakwi’s assertions that President Hichilema was a man of contradictions and lies, including promising people that they would get part payment from their NAPSA contributions yet all that was lies, Mr Hamasaka said that Ms Nawakwi should go to the people and deliver a message telling them what HH has done and that he should be removed based on that.

Mr Hamasaka wondered why Ms Nawakwi would charge that President Hichilema kept blaming all the wrongs on his predecessor Edgar Lungu, and also claiming that he had no vision himself, he added that how can one who had no vision employ over 30,000 teachers and 11,000 health workers and they were all on the payroll, including employing people in the defence forces.

But Ms Nawakwi argued that President Hichilema has actually messed up the health sector after going on what she described as recruitment rampage and eating into the money the former administration had agreed with the World Bank to improve remunerations for health workers to bring them to parity with those obtaining in the region to avoid brain drain.

Ms Nawakwi claimed that as a result the World Bank had told the President to pay for the over recruited people himself, hence her argument that the President did not have the vision and direction to guide the nation, but Mr Hamasaka said that Ms Nawakwi was playing politics and that she was allowed to do so and that no one should cripple her political agenda.

“It must be painful for some people to see stability in the country because they are in the opposition,” he said

He stated that the economic baseline has been set, as the economy is on what he described as a runaway, and fundamentals such as the exchange rate and inflation have been stabilised, and he also stated that there is peace in the country.

“These are things which are annoying our colleagues and they are free to get annoyed because it’s painful to come from a situation where citizens were being hacked in the markets, bus stops and so on, but now there is this peace. It’s painful to see stability if you are in the opposition. I can assure you,” he said

“So you would rather the chaos that was there continued so that maybe you can ascend to power quickly? But anyway we are encouraging FDD leader Edith Nawakwi to continue talking, she can go and mobilise in the markets, even on radio stations, she can mobilise anywhere now because there’s now freedom, because in the past, Journalist where being hacked in their own studios,” Mr Hamasaka added


  1. Jezabel……………

    Why not remove HH via the criminality he committed for which you told the nation you had evidence ¿???

    We are waiting for that evidence to make our minds up………….

  2. Hamasaka, even just from the chi name you can tell that he is a tribal bigot. Why are there so many people from a certain tribe at state House. During our reign there is a good mixture.

  3. Since the demise of Anderson Kambela Mazoka who had a different approach to political engagement, and since the advent of the PF, political engagement have been trivialized to tit-for-tat whereby even some civil servants don’t know their side of the lane. How can a government worker engage a politician in that manner? The biggest thing to have happened to the UPND is to wrestle power from the PF and the next will be to lose it. That exit from power will be painful for many, especially for those in cloud 9. Sober up and see those that once held those positions. You might be in the same situation soon, perhaps even worse

  4. PF is just crying having lost power which they abused so much.
    At State House it was only drinking, drinking and saying yes to everything and the Clinical Officer was his friend was busy beating people and drivers in Lusaka and shooting guns at hotels. Beating policemen. That is what they called governance.

  5. That statement cant come from the State House Media Director. Civil Servants arent allowed to support any political figures or parties. The State House Media Director cant defend the president from a political attack. Leave that to the UPND spokesperson. This just goes to show the State House Media Director has no job. Without a job description he is intruding in other people’s jobs. The Presidency is using taxpayers’ money to pay a party cadre to defend his party’s interests

  6. Hamasaka has made a mistake in responding and attacking madam Nawakwi full stop. People must realize that the madam in question is not a politician but a political commentator, like Tayali and Tembo with zero political influence. She has failed to properly manage a party that had Mps, it is a shame.

  7. We are sadly a very hopeless society being lied to day in and day out. The US-Africa meeting is unfortunately portrayed as that for a Zambian President Hakainde. The meeting is for the US to draw to themselves the inerpt African leaders so that they can start raping the continent out of its rich natural resources. The half literate Zambians believe that HH is in America for their interest, very sad. Back home hakainde’s employers are sharing a meda of seeds for the current farming season. Hakainde is in the US along side other African Leaders. He can meet who ever he wishes but not for the interest of our great nation.

  8. The woman has a personal agenda springing from when they were UNZA.
    Instead of campaigning for herself she spend MORE time fighting her FOE

  9. total confusion,overlapings, positions are not properly managed instead of playing 7 some are playing on wrong numbers i have never seen this before kkkkkkkk mmmmmmm aweeeee what a mess.

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