Reduced rainfall amount in North-western province worries Nzovu


Minister of Green Economy and Environment, Collins Nzovu, has expressed worry that North-western Province, one of the most important catchment areas responsible for maintaining the river flows in the country, has been affected by climate change.

Mr Nzovu said the Kariba dam has less water because the province, which is a catchment area for the country’s river flows, has over the years been receiving less rains due to effects of climate change.

He said this during the launch of the national tree planting season held in Kalumbila.

“I am sure you are aware that we are facing a bit of a challenge because the Kariba, the reservoir there, does not have enough water…if there is any indication of climate change this is it,” he said.

Mr Nzovu said the region is the source of water for the country but unfortunately it is also receiving less water. He has since appealed to FQM Trident Limited in Kalumbila and all the mining companies in the country to partner with the government in ensuring that the forest is protected.

He said the forest can be protected by planting more trees. Mr Nzovu said without trees, there will be no water and consequently no hydro power to run the mines.

And FQM Trident Limited General Manager, Junior Keyser, said his company has earmarked to plant 60,000 trees on 90 hectares of land. Mr. Keyser said trees are strategic natural resources which are important for life sustenance and social economic development.

He said FQM has given instructions that anyone who cuts a tree should replace it by planting two.


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