Wednesday, May 29, 2024

President Hichilema meets World Bank officials in Washington


President Hakainde Hichilema has held private talks with World Bank officials at the bank’s headquarters in Washington DC today.

Among the officials was the Bank’s President, David Malpass.

President Hichilema was accompanied by Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Stanley Kakubo, Commerce Minister, Chipoka Mulenga and Mines Minister, Paul Kabuswe.

Others that attended the World Bank meeting were Ministry of Finance Permanent Secretary in charge of Budget and Economic Affairs, Mukuli Chikuba and State House officials.

The other bank officials who were in the meeting are World Bank Vice President for Africa region, Victoria Kwakwa and Chief of Staff Samuel Maimbo.

Meanwhile, President Hichilema also held meetings with Millennium Challenge Corporation Chief Executive Officer, Alice Albright.

President Hichilema, who arrived in Washington DC on Monday this week for a series of engagements, also attended the U.S-Africa Leaders summit, which came to a close yesterday.

During the week, President Hichilema deliberated in a number of sessions and held bilateral talks with cooperating partners and US government officials.

The President is today scheduled to be interviewed by Bloomberg Television Network.


  1. The president meeting people in Washington may be an achievement in UPND’s eyes but not substantial to the Zambian people. We need data and substance. What are the meeting agendas, what is he negotiating and has he consulted parliament? HH should stop running government affairs as if he is the CEO of a private company. The people of Zambia own GRZ therefore as main shareholders they deserve to know what deals you are making behind those closed doors. You promised transparency and the people are losing patience.

    • HH traveled with too many men like PF thugs. No women.
      There are alot of staff at both embassies in Washington and New York who could have gone with HH to take notes.

  2. @FutureZed: But the deals he is making are in no way meant for you PF cadres. They are meant Zambians, unless you yourself , as a PF cadre proves that you are Zambian then i guess he will disclose to you but as things are currently, PF is a mixture of Congole and Malawians(Including Edgar Lungu himself – a well known Burundi refugee) . So shut up so long tate. Lekani ma Zambian bakambeko, you had you 10 years to harrass people & speak nonsense manje apha mwana mulenya.

  3. Prove that you are Zambian mwana so long, including your fellow Kaizer Zulu(but his one am not sure if he is Malawian or Zezulu ba ku Zimbabwe but somewhere there).

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