Thursday, April 18, 2024

Government thanks EU for providing 7 billion Euros for biodiversity conservation


The government has applauded the European Union (EU) for providing seven billion euros to partner countries towards biodiversity conservation for the period of 2021 to 2027.

Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources Permanent Secretary, Daphne Chabu, noted that the doubled funding from the EU gives hope for the future of biodiversity conservation and restoration in Zambia.

Ms Chabu said with delight that the external funds for biodiversity will go a long way in addressing targets in the global biodiversity framework.

She said this during the bilateral side event meeting organised by EU and African Wildlife Foundation at the ongoing 15th Session of the Conference of the parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COPS15) taking place in Montreal-Canada.

Ms Chabu indicated that after reviewing the scope of nature Africa initiative, Zambia was of the opinion that the initiative was important in assisting least developed countries to implement the targets espoused in the global biodiversity framework, especially those dealing with ecosystem restoration, protected areas, wildlife spatial planning and ecosystem assessments.

In a statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka by the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, Ms Chabu said the initiative could assist Zambia to address the national gap on ecosystem assessments that include wetlands and landscape restoration.

‘’There is an urgent need to assist countries in capacity building to fully implement the framework as that would entail the global biodiversity framework to the national development plans,’’ she emphasised.

And Global Leadership African Wildlife Foundation Vice President, Frederick Kumah, observed that infrastructure development was competing with ecosystem services hence the need to focus on conserving nature.

Mr Kumah added that the need to focus on conserving nature is important for the current children to have a future where they will appreciate the beauty beyond nature.

He stated that over 80 percent of land was in the hands of indigenous people and thus, the journey to focus on saving landscape and biodiversity begins now.

“African had a collective responsibility to conserve biodiversity and a call for the involvement of all stakeholders. Africa has to develop but not at the expense of nature,’’ said Mr Kumah.


  1. Not sure whether to say zicomo or cry. So uyu muzungu can give you 7 Billion to look after your animals unconditionally but refuse to give you a good rate of interest on your debt which would take your people out of poverty? Chalo chili na meno. Anyway…i think the dribblers will work overtime on this one.

    • You already had your debt written off once…………

      You have gotten in debt again , even if you were written off again, you will still get back in debt……..

  2. Why dont you try and ask your Bank for debt relief ?
    Is there a difference ?
    Or are you asking cause we are Africans and entitled for such
    Because of our Colonisation and salvery 100’s of years ago
    Or due to our inability to manage our finances

  3. Almost 60yrs of Zambian nationhood yet we’re still celebrating handouts? Its a big shame for Zambians (and especially PF who engineered mass poverty for 10yrs)

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