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ERB approves increase in ZESCO connection fees


The Energy Regulation Board (ERB) has approved ZESCO’s application to increase upwards connection fees, effective 1st January 2023.

Addressing the media this afternoon ERB Board Chairperson, Reynolds Bowa says having thoroughly examined the proposal, the Board has approved a 70:30 cost sharing mechanism where the consumer would meet 70 percent of the ERB’s determined cost of connection while ZESCO would finance the remaining 30 percent.

Mr. Bowa explained that going forward ERB would Continue to explore ways of balancing utility financial sustainability and affordability which includes, among other things, the possibility of embedding the connection fees within the domestic electricity structures.

He said in it’s application for increased connectivity charge the utility company stated that it has challenges to promptly connect new customers resulting in a backlog of 67,000 pending applications as of 31st December 2021.

Mr. Bowa he has urged the utility company to implement payment options that would allow consumers pay connection fees over a 12 months period and should strictly adhere to ERB’S approved charges for standard connections.


  1. Its about time we put partisan Politics aside…so now it has been proved that neither nor PF nor UPND can solve Zambia’s economic problems….its now time to work as Zambians….it turns out HH was just blowing hot air

    • Zambia is on a collision path with UPND in the pilot seat. They fed lies after lies to secure votes. The appetite of getting into State House was more important than the urgency to resuscitate the weak and ailing Zambian economy. I am yet to see a truthful politician, one to speak the truth of the challenges ahead and strategies to overcome them, not some self styled politician promising Heaven on Earth. We trusted you Bally and we thought you knew the mandate and our plight. But here you are, dancing with the wolves.

  2. When has this ERB ever refused any increament …it is just filled with yes men has to get allowances for seating!!

  3. The Directors and Managers at ZESCO and ERB wants to eat and fatten their pockets….Big Toyota Landcruisers…extra allowances for sleeping with UNZA students at Lodges

  4. Imf condition fulfilled meanwhile 20 percent citizens share in the mines has been removed to a mere 3percent royalty tax…making Zambia lose billions of dollars but you increase electricity tarrifs for poor Zambians to gain money which you could have done from the mines… I voted for upnd but this is slowly but surely making me lose confidence in this govt…

  5. At one LUDC(Lusaka Urban District Council) fore runner off LCC was owed millions in rentals. The council made a resolution to increase rentals. The then minister Michael Sata asked the logic in increasing the rentals when people were actually failing to pay the current charges as shown by the colossal amount that was owing.
    People holding positions in Zambia are better described as dunderheads

  6. Fellow country men and women, Zambia will not be developed by an individual but by a group of people under a political party, working Collectively together, So forget about individuals, Hakainde- Anderson Mazoka’s son will not develop Zambia alone. We need strong and inclusive political parties to steer this country into prosperity. Those calling for PF’s head are outright immature and have no idea of national development. We need a strong opposite centre of power to develop good and positive laws for our country. Absolute Power corrupts. Hakainde thinks that the whole country is UPND and anyone with divergent views is labelled PF and sour grapes. This narrative is not only childish but absurd. Development is incremental and Hakainde must begin to serve the Zambian people. We know he…

  7. ..,Development is incremental and Hakainde must begin to serve the Zambian people. We know he does not feel the economic difficulties felt by most common Zambians. That is typical of most fortunate Saul’s on earth regardless of how they obtained their wealthy.

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