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Man on the run after beating his 14-year old son to death


A 50-year old man of Kalulushi Town on the Copperbelt Province is on the run after beating his 14-year old son to death over missing money.

Copperbelt Province Police Commanding Officer Peacewell Mweemba has named the deceased juvenile as Chizhika Chipema and identified the suspect as Ernest Chipema both of Makeni area Kalulushi.

Mr. Mweemba said Mr. Chipema beat up the son using a slasher and fists on allegations of stealing K200 from the house last Sunday

He said the deceased, who denied stealing the money, sustained a swollen head and was rushed to the hospital where he later died.

Mr. Mweemba said the suspect has run away and the body of the deceased has been deposited to Kalulushi General Hospital Mortuary awaiting post-mortem.

“Gertrude Nambela aged 50 of Makeni area, occupation – housewife, reported that her son by the name of Chizhika Chipema aged 14 of the same abode died after being beaten by his father namely Ernest Chipema aged 50 of the same address and other details not known. Brief facts are that the father to the deceased lost k200 in the house and suspected the deceased of having stolen the said money. When he asked him, he refused hence he started beating him using a slasher and fists which made him sustain a swollen head. He then rushed him to the hospital with his wife where he later died,” Mr. Mweemba said.

“The matter was later reported to the police who inspected the body and found him with a swollen head. Docket opened and no arrest was made as the suspect had run away. The body was deposited at Kalulushi General Hospital Mortuary awaiting post-mortem,” he said.

Meanwhile, a 48-year old woman of Kamuchanga Township in Mufulira has been beaten to death by her lover.

Mr. Mweemba said Gift Chomba was badly beaten by the suspect only identified as Mr. Henry and later died at Ronald Ross Hospital where she was rushed.

He said Police have since launched a manhunt for the suspect.

“Murder occurred on 16.12.22 at around 19:00 Hours at House Number MF 24, Chibolya Compound, in which male Roy Mulenga aged 24, occupation-Taxi driver, reported that her Mother Gift Chomba aged 48 of the same abode was badly beaten by her manfriend only known by the name of Mr Henry, also of Chibolya Compound, and sustained general body pains. Unknown object is alleged to have been used. The matter was initially reported as Assault (OABH) on 16/12/22 at about 2000hrs. A medical report form was issued, and taken to Ronald Ross hospital. She was further referred to Kitwe central hospital, where she died on 17/12/22 at about 17:00 hours. Docket opened and a manhunt launched,” Mr. Mweemba stated.

Meanwhile, Police in Mpongwe District on the Copperbelt Province are investigating a case in which a man is accused of impersonating Senior Chief Ndeubeni of the Lamba people.

Mr. Mweemba said the suspect Ziya Posta of Jonas village is acting together with others unknown when claiming that he is a Chief within Ndubeni Chiefdom.

There have been succession wrangles in the Ndubeni Chiefdom since the death of the previous Senior Chief Ndubeni in 2015.

“A case of claiming Oneself to be a Chief occurred on unknown date and time between 1st December, 2022 and 11/12/22, within Ndubeni Chiefdom of Mpongwe District in which Tedious Musikigwa aged 51 a chief retainer at Ndubeni Palace, Lamba, Village Ndubeni, Chief Ndubeni, District Mpongwe reported on behalf of his Royal Highness Senior Chief Ndubeni by the name of Modi Chaile of Ndubeni Chiefdom, Mpongwe that Ziya Posta of Jonas village whilst acting together with others unknown is claiming himself to be a Chief within Ndubeni Chiefdom,” he said.

“Brief facts are that on 11/12/22 the reporter had received a phone call from a concerned citizen of Kangalati section under Senior Chief Ndubeni, who informed him that Joseph Kaluwa of Kangalati area was summoned to appear at Jonas village before the chief and was served with a call out which had a date stamp indicating His Royal Highness Senior Chief Ndubeni. Later this made him surprised because Chief Ndubeni has no palace at Jonas village in Kantatamwe area of Mpongwe. This made him report the matter to the Chief retainer Tedious Musikigwa who later reported to the Current Senior Chief Ndubeni Modi Chaile who is on the throne. He was later directed to report the matter to the police where a copy of a call out was handed over,” Mr. Mweemba stated.

“You may also wish to know that the same succession disputes in the Chiefdom have been going on for many years now, since the death of the late Senior Chief Ndubeni in 2015. In 2021, the same Ziya Posta was reported to have mounted a Zambian National Flag at Jonas Village in September 2022 of which after police made follow ups they had removed the flag. At the moment Modi Chaile is the one who was recognized as Senior Chief Ndubeni with effect from 14/08/22 when he was publicly pronounced as Senior Chief Ndubeni before some Government Officials who had attended the event at St Anthony School ground after the High court had passed the judgment in his favored. At the moment the Inquiry File has been opened for the purpose of investigations into the matter. No arrest was made,” Mr. Mweemba concluded.

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