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Let’s brace ourselves for more tailor-made lies by HH and UPND


By Wynter Kabimba Economic Front President

I am not a regular football fan but I was ecstatic to watch the FIFA World Cup final match between Argentina and France on Sunday 18th December, 2022. The evenly matched teams displayed skill and professionalism and the play was no doubt hilarious.

Coming from such an event I was on Tuesday, 20th December, 2022 dispirited watching the press conference by HH and carefully listening to him about his view of the state of the economy and the affairs of State. I felt like taking some sedatives or paracetamol for the duration of the press conference. His want of communication skills although not of his own making, is something to make one fret. But this is not his only deficiency. More than one year in State House as president, the seat he craved so much for for 23 years, his ignorance and lack of grasp of basic facts is more than embarrassing. His logic is warped and incoherent. HH is still steeped in his economics text book scholarly works that figures do not lie and, therefore, the more people believe in those figures and graphs, the more they should come to believe in the improvement of their standard of living. That a drop in the inflation rate from 24% under PF to 09% under UPND is a major correlative improvement in the people’s cost of living even as hunger and abject starvation are loaming large across the country.

When Donald Trump was facing resistance from congress against selling US military hardware to Saudi Arabia following the killing of the journalist Jamal Kashoggi in 2018 in Istanbul, his response was that the US would lose the Saudi market and hence give that business opportunity to China. HH expressed a similar view using Trump’s logic when asked why UPND is exporting power to neighboring countries at the expense of those who voted for him and now have to endure long hours of loadshedding, saying that the market for power supply to these countries is good business for the country. According to him as a capitalist or a product of the said system, business is paramount even if it does not serve the interest of the people, the owners of the power he is exporting. The argument as put forward by one of the ingenious young reporters that the export of power would adversely affect the economy and the people went unheeded.

It was clear to me that HH does not have the time or privilege to read any briefs as president. He acts like someone who knows it all. As a result, he is a cause of embarrassment to the press conference audience outside the coterie of his praise-singers. He did not seem to know or understand for example, that the abolition of the death penalty would entail a repeal of article 12 of the constitution which provides for death sentences for some capital offences and that he does not have the requisite two-thirds majority in parliament to undertake that task.

Outside all this, HH has todate shown no remorse for the litany of lies he churned out to the Zambian voters while in the opposition which he has failed to fulfil. Instead, he continues to promote and spread the monotonous narrative that the PF should remain culpable for the bad state of the economy todate, if not forever.

What was most interesting at the end was his U-turn and his taking solace in the five-year election mandate to allow him to deliver on his campaign promises. This is contrary to his earlier 100 days, five months and one year benchmarks. I am reminded of Antonio Itube in his book. The Librarian of Auschwitz when he says “Truth is put together by destiny, it’s nothing more than a whim of fate, and a lie on the other hand is more human; it’s created by mankind and tailor-made to purpose.’’

Let’s brace ourselves for more tailor-made lies by HH and UPND.


    • Wynter Kabimba you are directing your anger and frustration to the wrong person, unless you are being paid like the others by PF.
      This is how the news broke out in 2014, jubilations have continued pouring in from across Zambia following the sacking of Kabimba, with the latest being civil servants at the Ministry of Justice in Lusaka.
      Workers stated that your departure had brought a lot of relief to many people in the ministry.
      I rest my case.

  1. Why would the majority Zambians listen to a failed, redundant and obsolete political nonentity Iike Wynter Kabimba?

  2. Our elders please start offering solutions as opposed to always criticising. Batata ba Kabimba you were once a minister but no-one can remember or point at what you did for the country. Tell the people what your plans are and how you are going to fulfill them. Moreabove tell the people how you’re going to lift the people from poverty as well as how you are going to clean up the country. Muleke ukubepa abantu, imwe ama elders bamu Africa mwatusebanya Pafula.

  3. Praise singers they don’t read anything that opposes there Messiah but either rush to condemn even one has valid points.The people who voted HH trusted his promises because being in opposition for that long and assuring the masses a true leadership please on that one I concur with Wynter Kabimba we have to be prepared for more Lies .Clearly HH and UPND can’t believe there luck and for the whole 5 years they will continue talking about PF because they have no direction

  4. Writing on LT but meaning nothing…………..

    What has winter just said ????

    Dispute what the president said with facts……

    Not ohhh the cost of living bla bla bla….

    It is true when we say there is no opposition to HH for decades to come if these are the people who are supposed to be opposition………

  5. He was busy cheating the people of Zambia that president Sata had anointed him to be next leader while Mr Sata was critically sick. He could not even allow HH to campaign in the country side. This retired failed politician while in government achieved nothing other than craving for power.

  6. Zambians are gullible people. After all the lies you have been told, you are criticising Winter for calling the sky blue. How much is mealie meal, fuel, fertilizer, cooking oil. Let us just call a spade a spade. HH is a liar.

  7. HH is a liar. He was voted on a platform of lies. The only problem is that he has continued lying even in power. Liars will always be liars. They don’t repent.

  8. It is a wonder the economy and country is where they are today……………

    From being on the verge of civil strife with people being burned alive on our streets to defaulting and owing billion in debt………

  9. The Constitution of Zambia only provides for the death penalty, by exempting the Penal Code for taking someone’s life. This is not the same as saying that the Constitution says that the State SHOULD kill people. So, if the death penalty was not a penalty, the Constitution would still be intact.

  10. I like your writing style, it makes for a good always irregardless. Just like Dr. Cannicous Banda writing craft.
    Have you written a abook like KBF and Chishala Kateka has done?
    Please consider one on subject of Zambia. It outs you in stead as a presidential candidate. It really does. Dr. cannicous too.

  11. I am here at my farm. Enjoying peace, love and good food and expensive drinks with my most loved ones. What more can I ask for Jesus? Meanwhile the upnd cadres and supporters who are defending hh and his failures are starving and will eat katapa for Christmas. F00lish hahahaha fuseke

    • You are now insulting Zambians for the inequalities you created and promoted through corruption, nepotism, violence.. How come 90% of the SUV’s driven in Lusaka and the Copperbelt belong to PF members and its associates? Now you are adding insult to injury by boosting about food and expensive drinks.
      Celebrate while it lasts!

  12. Who ruined Zambia’s economy for 10yrs,allowed uncontrolled street vending to win votes and on top they piled on massive debts to bring us such an ugly country today? Tailor made lies of “more money in your pockets in 90 days” and Kabimba was on board too.

  13. You are now insulting Zambians for the inequalities you created and promoted through corruption, nepotism, violence.. How come 90% of the SUV driven in Lusaka and the Copperbelt belong to PF members and it’s associates? Now you are adding insult to injury by boosting about food and expensive drinks.
    Celebrate while it lasts!

  14. PF left the economy in a bottomless pit and will take donkey years to be revived . Judging HH after 15 months in power is childish.

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