Thursday, April 18, 2024

President Hichilema Directs All Farming Input Sheds to Remain Open During Festive Season to Support Farmers


President Hakainde Hichilema has announced that all farming input sheds in the country should remain open throughout the festive season to allow for the completion of input distribution. This is an important move, as it ensures that farmers will have access to the resources they need to continue their work, even during the holidays.

The President emphasized the importance of keeping farming activities going, stating that they should not be disrupted by any activity. To ensure that farmers have the support they need, Mr Hichilema visited the Choma storage shed to see firsthand how the delivery of inputs was progressing in the district. He wanted to make sure that farmers were receiving the necessary resources in a timely manner, and that the distribution process was running smoothly.

In addition to ensuring that input sheds remain open, Mr Hichilema also assured farmers that planning for the next farming season needs to begin now. This is crucial, as it gives farmers enough time to prepare their fields and obtain the necessary inputs. By starting the planning process early, farmers can be sure that they have everything they need to be successful in the upcoming season.

Mr Hichilema has also taken steps to improve the overall quality of life for farmers in the country. He has directed all Provincial administrations to ensure that health facilities in their regions have running water and electricity, two essential resources that are necessary for providing good healthcare. To further improve service delivery, HICHILEMA has tasked these administrations to develop an action matrix that outlines how services can be improved in the region.

While Mr Hichilema’s efforts to support farmers are commendable, there have been some concerns about the distribution of inputs under the Farmer Input Support Program (FISP). The Ministry of Agriculture in the Mungwi District of the Northern Province has stated that individuals who are circulating videos of people sharing fertilizer in small quantities are not productive farmers.

According to CORNELIUS ZEMBA, the Senior Agricultural Officer for the Mungwi District, individual farmers on FISP are supposed to receive one pack containing six bags of fertilizer, one 10-kilogram bag of maize seed, and an additional legume bag of either groundnuts or soybeans. These packs are intended to reach one farmer, allowing them to easily graduate from the program.

Mr ZEMBA questioned how farmers who are collecting fertilizer in small quantities will be able to excel after they graduate from the program. While it is important to ensure that farmers have access to the resources they need, it is also important to ensure that the distribution process is fair and transparent. By addressing these concerns, the president and his administration can continue to support farmers in the country and help them achieve success.


  1. Dude! you are late and not the people you are punishing to work over the holidays. Farming inputs should have been distributed before the onset of rains so do not be a dictator by forcing people to work on holidays. It is your incompetence that has caused these delays not the people you are denying their rights to holidays.

    • Please stop those PF nonsense of donating food stuffs.
      I don;t see Mutinta, I see Ba Edgars’ wife (I don’t remember her name), she used to do those ..

  2. This is just wrong ..HH your govt should have planned for this long ago dont politicise matters people travel to villages and are with their loved ones during this time and are already gone why dont you direct your ministers to work in these outlets. Your appointees are enjoying themselves now even buying brand new Hilux from the showroom for their wives!!

  3. 1.0 Indeed it is very late. I thought this man was a seasoned farmer. Farmers cannot till the land and then wait endlessly for the in puts because the tilled land will have been overtaken by weeds and the ground will have lost the temperature needed for germination.
    Insider information has it that perceived PF aligned were removed from the suppliers list and the Upnd members(suppliers) were not prepared for this massive undertaking. This is has resulted in erratic deliveries to the farmer.

  4. Where were you when one of your ministry didn’t plan early? Why didn’t you issue instructions for them to work on weekends. Politicking and playing to the garally on this one badala

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