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Sole survivor of the 27 dumped bodies in Ngwerere area dies in hospital


The only survivor in the incident where 27 bodies of the Ethiopian nationals were discovered dumped in Lusaka’s Ngwerere area which occurred on the 11TH December 2022 has died.

In a press statement  in Lusaka by the Department of Immigration Public Relations Officer, Josephine Malambo said the deceased died on Friday, 23rd of December 2022 at 20:30hrs.

Ms Malamabo noted that the deceased was admitted to Maina Soko Hospital and was receiving treatment there.

“On a very sad note, I wish to confirm the death of the only survivor in the incident where 27 bodies of Ethiopian Nationals were discovered dumped in Lusaka’s Ngwerere Area which occurred on 11th December, 2022”. Said Ms. Malambo.

She said the department is awaiting a post mortem to establish the cause of death.

Ms Malambo explained that the department was so optimistic that the deceased was going to help in the investigations as he was the only survivor amongst the 27 that were found dumped.

“We were hopeful he would survive to help with investigations but nevertheless, the department together with other law enforcement agencies are making good progress in bringing the perpetrators to book as investigations are still on-going.


    • Why not? These are fellow humans dying on our soil in such large numbers. We must sympathize by declaring national mourning

    • I totally agree with declaring a national mourning. These are fellow Africans and our brothers. And Lusaka times should not have published this disturbing photograph. Totally unnecessary.

  1. And useless ZP will not sort this case…they were probably betting on him making it so he can give them information. Meanwhile our African leaders are rushing to DC to kiss old Joe’s brown ring whilst you have Ethophians wanting to get into SA at all costs.

  2. I blame it on Politicians instead of working hard to improve the lives of their citizens they’re busy looting and auctioning all their natural resources and being corrupt…Citizens end up risking their lives for a better life and in most cases they end up dead or being abused…May their souls rest in peace

  3. I agree with Nostradamus, we need to declare a national mourning to bring attention to the phlight of our fellow Africans. This is a disaster that occured

    Personally I don’t think they were Ethiopians but they could have come from Eritrea which has a population even more desperate to leave and often the two nationalities are mistaken for one another.

  4. Yes these are our brothers and fellow beautiful Africans….HH should declare a national mourning @ Nostradamus is right

  5. Have we lost our humanity in Zambia? I’m asking this question to both Lusaka Times and those monsters who did this crime.

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